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 Arcanist Luthian

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By magical standards, Luthian was something of a prodigy. His birth parents were Farstriders, soldiers both, rather than mages. Yet he showed a great affinity for Arcane magic, seemingly able to balance the power of magic with resisting its addiction at early adulthood. He travelled to Dalaran to further his knowledge, and learn from the other races of Azeroth the secrets to magic use without addiction.

He studied in Dalaran for years, into fully fledged maturity, attaining his rank of Arcanist not long before the fateful day when word came of Silvermoon's seige by the Scourge.

He travelled with the Prince's retinue to Silvermoon, though there was little left to save. Many scourge fell as Luthian fought alongside the remaining Farstriders, his fighting only intensifying when he learned of his parents' death in the defense of Silvermoon. He found himself exhausted, yet the Scourge were unrelenting. Blacking out from lack of physical or magical reserves to continue, he glimpsed a shadowy figure before him, seemingly drawing the undead lifeforce directly from the Scourge, and chanelling the refined energy into Luthian. Within minutes he was back on his feet, and could hear of the Farstriders ordering a retreat.

While the Prince allied with the Naga and fled to Outland from the persecuting Alliance, Luthian remained in the forests surrounding the ruin of Silvermoon, working with the remaining Farstriders to slowly reclaim their city and the surrounding territories. The shadowy figure who had saved him had become known to him, Aaya, a priestess who had abandoned divine energies after the destruction of the Sunwell and taken to manipulating fel energies in a remarkable manner he had only seen before in Warlocks, yet she showed no taint.

With the harnessing of the Naaru energy to rebuild Silvermoon, Luthian found himself in a strange world. Unsure of his alliegances any more he focussed his attentions inwards once more, on defeating the corruption of magic addiction while attaining more magical power. Luthian and Aaya had become lovers during the early days of the fight for Silvermoon, and the only one true alliegance he found he could rely on was her. In studies, in combat and in love they had become a formidable team.
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Arcanist Luthian
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