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 Arcanist Luthian

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PostSubject: Arcanist Luthian   Arcanist Luthian Icon_minitimeSun 27 Jan 2008, 15:32

Full name: Luthian (Luthian does not use a family name)
Age: 125
Sex: Male
Place of birth: Silvermoon City
Location when Silvermoon fell: Dalaran, studying Arcane magic
Occupation: Arcanist
Likes: The pursuit of Magical power
Dislikes: Draenei, Alliance Mages
Fears: Losing control over magical addiction

Arcanist Luthian is a tall Blood Elf, 6'2 in height, with slim build and good stature. He never slouches, and holds his head with quiet confidence, chin slightly raised. He is far from snooty however, coming from a basic background himself, he is merely confident in his own abilities.

Though he does not wear a Guild Tabard, he identifies himself as an initiate of the Sharpened Quill with a pendant worn loosely about his neck, over his robes. His hair is light blonde and long, tied back to not interfere with verbal somantics during spellcasting, while his eyes glow the blue of a Blood Elf almost free of felmagic taint. Being free of felmagic has its costs however, sometimes he can seem rather absent and lethargic if he has not been able to restore his arcane magic reserves.
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Arcanist Luthian
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