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PostSubject: Sharpeyes   Sharpeyes Icon_minitimeTue 22 Jan 2008, 00:21

Name : Ankhar Swiftfoot a.k.a Sharpeyes
Gender : Male
Race : Orc
Class : Hunter

Silent for the most part, but very quick to anger, he sees himself as a threat to the balance of Sharpened Quill, especially towards other orcs. After his clan was annihilated by the Dragonmaw clan, Sharpeyes sees all orcs as distrustful and unworthy of friendship, himself included. He believes he will betray the Quill one day, partly due to the most recent events of his past. He stays with the Quill through some disillusioned sense of loyalty, trying to prove to himself, more than others, that he can make a difference, but refuses to take on any rank within the Quill and now no longer goes to the meetings...

Likes : The sky, Animals, High places, Blood Elves in general

Dislikes : Dungeons, Cramped places, Crowds, Politics, Kitael Sharpeyes

((More will be revealed about Kitael at a later date))
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