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Can you hear it? The land is calling to you. It demands to tell you a truth that has long been kept secret. Of a crime of passion, lies, betrayal and deceipt. But you must listen, you must strain to hear the land as it screams at the wrongs brought upon one single individual. This is the legacy...a fate woven through method of force rather than the natural order. The corrupt has taken control. The land must tell you of the wrongdoings...and of the one who survived.

The wind whispers his name, even now, warning you, begging you to listen, but can you? Do you have the strength of heart to commune with the spirits of nature? Are you powerful enough to understand? To understand that there is a traitor among you? The survivor. The last of the Swiftfoot Clan...Ankhar!

Would words not convey? A mental vision, but do not dismiss it as a dream...this is how the events unfolded...

Ankhar Swiftfoot, last of the Swiftfoot clan. After their decimation at the hands of the Dragonmaw clan, the lone survivor, Ankhar travelled from the wilds of Kalimdor, using his cunning and stealth to safely make it to where the orcs now call home...Durotar. He struggled to make a living as a petty thief, until he made the mistake of stealing from the wrong person.

Although blind, the shamanistic sage, the Tauren Kordek, already knew of the presence of Ankhar. He had felt his presence when he first entered the city of Orgrimmar, had felt his presence as he made a 'living' and had felt his presence in the darkness, when Ankhar tried to rob from him. Kordek, however, was powerful and stopped the young thief dead in his tracks.

However, rather than bring the criminal to justice, Kordek took the young orc under his tutelage, teaching him the ways of the land. Ankhar was no shaman, but what he lacked in magical ability, he made up for in understanding. He developed a respect for the land and gained a sense of freedom, knowing that out there, there was so much more of the wild, passionate land for him to traverse.

Disaster struck, on one fateful day, when Ankhar's tutor, and surrogate father figure, Kordek, passed away. Ankhar followed his mentor's
last request. To scatter his ashes from Elder's rise in Thunder Bluff. It was in Thunder Bluff, where he met the leader of the Sharpened Quill, the Troll Agali, who welcomed him to the guild with open arms. He respected Agali, a shaman herself, seeing her as a fresh new approach to further his studies of the land.

In a desperate bid to impress her, as well as to have the ability to explore the land, he volunteered as a messenger for her, claiming his clan had been the fastest orcs to traverse the land. After delivering a few minor messages to areas too dangerous for the inexperienced orc, Ankhar found
it had to show his loyalty to the guild, feeling like he just let everyone down.

So he left the guild, to seek his own path...

You must understand, it is for your benefit. Although everything is not clear to you, it will soon become it. Be wary of the hunter. It is all the land can say. Beware the hunter destined to betray. The hunter with the keenest arrows, the violent temperament...the sharpest eyes.

To be continued! You'll have to discover more for yourselves...but I'm planning on a big story arc here...hopefully
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