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 Andromus Amarus

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PostSubject: Andromus Amarus   Andromus Amarus Icon_minitimeMon 12 Nov 2007, 18:43

Name: Andromus Amarus

Sex: Male

Race: Forsaken

Occupation: Rogue

Age: about 5 years since his death

A mercenary rogue, prefers jobs that involve killing. If the price is right, he is eager to take recon or escort missions. He does not like to be unprepared, careful planning is essential for him.

He is a loner, often wanders alone in different landscapes, usually jungle or forest habitations. He dislikes to show his emotions, so he hides his face behind a cowl so only his eyes are visible. Usually he does not speak too much, he prefers to listen. He does not desires for glory, he doesn't see no good, nor evil, cause he believes those relative terms which change from a different point of view.
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Andromus Amarus
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