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 The story of Andromus

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The story of Andromus Empty
PostSubject: The story of Andromus   The story of Andromus Icon_minitimeMon 12 Nov 2007, 18:59

Andromus was a farmer, living in Hillsbrand Foothills. He was hard-working, polite and respectful to authorities. He had a childhood friend, named Elemus.

Andromus and Elemus grew up together, they were the best friends two boys could ever be. While Andromus had to work in his father's farm, Elemus was sent to learn the ways of a paladin. So Andromus remained a farmer, while Elemus became a noble paladin. They still remained best friends,
despite of their different social status.

During the Third war, Elemus had to go and fight against the horrors of the Scourge, that were plaguing the kingdom of Lordaedron. He was a loyal to Prince Arthas, his master. But when the plague was spreading, Arthas saw no other choice than to slay all, who were infected, in order to get rid of the plague. One of Elemus' lord hurd about plagued farmers in Hillsbrand and he was sent there to get rid of the plague.

Big was Elemus' surprise, when he realised, that the plagued farmers were Andromus' family, who received supplies of grain due to dry summer. Elemus had to make a choice - to let his friend's family live, but risk of spreading the plague or to serve to the Alliance. Elemus slayed Andromus family. Orders were orders.

When Andromus returned to Hillsbrand, he knew something wasn't right. When he was closing to the farm, his walk slowly turned faster, until he was running as fast as he could. When he finally got to his house, he was shocked and disgusted at the same time. He saw the corpses of his dead and infected family members. He almost lost his mind from the horrid scene. There he swore to avenge the deaths of his family, even if it would take his own. From the local tavern Andromus hurd, that paladin Elemus was here, and was ordered to slay every Amarus' in the neighbourhood due to plague. Andromus' rage completely darkened his senses. He rushed after the murderer of his family. His very best friend.

Andromus finally caught up with Elemus at Western Plaguelands. When Elemus saw him, he knew, why Andromus was there. Andromus, filled with unending rage, charged at Elemus, and smashed the paladin down to the ground. Then Andromu's sword slashed trough the air, aiming for Elemus' neck. One of Alliance soldiers grabbed Andromus from behind, forcing him to drop his sword. Soldier was going to snap Andromus' neck, when Elemus ordered him to stop. Elemus ordered soldier to let go Andromus and said, that this is a matter of a honor of two old friends. Elemus ordered soldier not to interfere by any condition, even after his death. Andromus charged again, with his sword slashing trough air with furious sound. With a single blow he smashed Elemus' shield in halves. They dueled fiercely for several hours, each refusing to give up. Finally, Andromus thursted the armor of his old friend. Elemus' last words were "forgive me..." before he fell down. When Andromus looked at the dead body of his friend, his mind was bursted with only one thought: "What have I done...". Blinded by the sorrow and grief, he ran for a long time, then slipped, maybe intentionally, but maybe not, and fell off a cliff, thus getting killed.

Ten years later Andromus suddenly awoke in a crypt near Brill. He was greatly shocked, wen he saw his arms - his skin was surprisingly thin and bit bluish, his bones were pointing out of his skin. He was, and wasn't dead at the same time. He decided to drastically change the way of his life, yet this choice was driven by motives, known only to himself. He has never shared the rest of the story.
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The story of Andromus
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