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 Return to Karazhan, part 2

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PostSubject: Return to Karazhan, part 2   Fri 09 Nov 2007, 18:31

Okay, I made a new post for this as the last one was getting a bit messy. We will go tonight and everyone shall be logged in at 22:00 - hopefully we can start at 22:30 the latest.
Make sure you have all potions and elixirs, water and food. And also be fully repaired and bring a darn good mood! It is also VITAL that you install the two addons listed here:

We will aim for downing Moroes tonight and when we're done with him we can do Attumen and the animal guy in the cellars. At least that is my suggestion.

So far we have:

(bracketed means reserve if we can't get enough people within the guild)

Main Tank - Shagonar
Tank - Uddersbane
Healer - Agali (can also go as DPS if we get other healers)
Healer - Shinder
Healer - Elainne
DPS - Takmari
DPS - Ganth
DPS - (Lisamor from CM, warlock)
DPS - Hapam
DPS - Ragd

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PostSubject: Re: Return to Karazhan, part 2   Fri 09 Nov 2007, 21:24

Dont forget me Shocked
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Return to Karazhan, part 2
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