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 Tírias story

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PostSubject: Tírias story   Tírias story Icon_minitimeMon 17 Sep 2007, 04:13

Tírias's story before and after death

*Tírias was a very quite child, being bullied for never talking..*

Tírias sat crying in Northshire she felt all alone and always repeated words of hate and anger towards those who bullied her..” I will one day have my revenge” she cried.

*One day Tírias was out walking with her older sister Arista *

“Why do you never talk Tírias” sighed Arista sister
Tírias just looked up at her sister and burst into tears!
“What is wrong dear little sister”
“Ive seen some terrible things in my dreams Arista!”
“I don’t understand Tírias”

*Tírias’s dreams full of hate and death have tortured her since birth *

As the conversation between Arista and Tírias was beginning to end
a young man name Roganí caught Tírias’s eye….

*Roganí and Tírias began with a simple hello but what about the dreams!!*

“Hi”Roganí said shyly.
Tírias didn’t no what to say no one had even been so nice (even said hello).
“hi” she said quietly.

*from that point on Roganí and Tírias got closer and closer untill the
decided to marry*

“Tírias today is the day of your marriage” said Arista excitedly
“This is the happiest moment in my life I wish mum was here to see* said Tírias with a sad look on her face.
“You must not forget she is always with you even though she is dead” Arista said.

*After the marriage ceremony was finished Arista Roganí and Tírias sat outside on a bench talking to one another*

“ you remember when I told you of my dreams?”
“Yes how could I forget”
“Well its about time I got to bed goodnight sister goodnight husband” smiled Tírias

*Tírias was fast asleep when she heard a loud scream from downstairs*

“TÍRIAS HELP ME…HELP ME” screamed Arista

*Tírias come running down the stairs to find her sister laying in a pool of blood*

“No…just like my dreams this cannot be!”
An evil laugh spread through out the house. Footsteps coming ever closer!

*this is when Tírias….. Now that would be telling*

“Roganí what have you done!” Tírias cried.
“well you see ive never like you I just wanted to kill you” said Roganí
Tírias noticed that Roganí’s voice was deeper and more with more pain. It was the voice form her dreams.

*Roganí walked towards Tírias drew his blade and lunged towards her*

“no..I love you Roganí its me your wife stop this please” cried Tírias
“haha..I am not your husband I am a demon sent to kill you for no reason” it shouted
“then do it..but I promise you I will be back for you did not see the rest of my dreams!” Tírias laughed

*now the evil side of Tírias just started to show but with one mighty lunge of the demons sword Tírias was instantly killed*

A voice filled the room “I will be back” screamed Tírias
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Tírias story
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