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 Dr RonŠe Shan'dor

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PostSubject: Dr RonŠe Shan'dor   Dr RonŠe Shan'dor Icon_minitimeSat 08 Sep 2007, 20:33

sorry to steal your idea rashkaa Very Happy

Full Name: Dr RonŠe Shan'dor (Peaceful Teacher)

Race & class: Sin'Dorei, Hunter

Languages: Thalassian

Age: never ask a young lady's age Mon ami Rolling Eyes... but 75 for the record

Born: The Wonderful City of Silvermoon

Closest Friend: Malanore, the dragonhawk

Worst Fear: all the animals in the world falling to the blades of man (any race actually)

You'll find her: Sat on a park bench someplace... watching the world go by

Likes: Animals, Plants... and PUDDING!

Dislikes: Cruelty, Hostility, and fighting

Would see herself at 80: Being with a lovely young man who can protect her

Always willing to listen, even if she doesn't understand...
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Dr RonŠe Shan'dor
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