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 About Heiriga

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PostSubject: About Heiriga   Tue 09 Oct 2007, 09:59

Some people might have noticed that there seems to be little of interest about Heiriga. Well, I certainly hope that's not the case about her. She doesn't say much, or show much of herself. In any case, here's some basics:

Heiriga is extremely rank-driven. Ranks mean everything to her. Not really the guild kind of ranks, but ranks in general. In the presence of people such as Agali, whom she considers above herself, she's incredibly humble and might seem shy, although it's just a case of "knowing one's place", in a slightly extreme way. She also does respect the rest of the guild, regardless of rank, although she's less inclined to be as humble towards a lower ranking member.

If, however, someone is of low "general" rank, like a peon, and Heiriga has no other special reason to respect this person, then she'd be a completely different orc. At times downright rude. She believes anyone who can't or won't work to climb what she considers important ranks of society worthless.

Heiriga doesn't have any surname. As you might know orcs aren't given surnames at birth, but gain them as a result of deeds they've done. Being granted a surname is Heiriga's most important goal.

Her shamanistic ways are a result of two things: She considers it the most honourable way of living, and she also lacks the combat skills to function well in battle with only her equipment to rely on. Lack of skills in battle puts a troublesome obstacle in the way of her path to gaining a surname, which is why she calls herself a traveller. She hopes to one day discover something, anything, that puts her name in orcish history, although whether or not it will actually happen is uncertain.

On a less serious note, she hates her hair. It tends to look very unruly, as she has given up on it a long time ago. She also likes muffins.

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PostSubject: Re: About Heiriga   Tue 09 Oct 2007, 20:32

Yay! I've been wondering about Heiriga a lot and here I got my answers!
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About Heiriga
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