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 How to write your story

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How to write your story Empty
PostSubject: How to write your story   How to write your story Icon_minitimeSat 08 Sep 2007, 15:39

Here are some guidelines in how to post your story for it to be read by as many as possible:

Don't write all text in one block, make sure you press enter from time to time, for example every time someone say something:
- Like this? says number one.
- Exactly like that. says number two.

Also make a space when time have passed in the story, like this:
... and they were having a fancy roast dinner at Booty Bay Inn to celebrate.

A few months later they found out that the chef....

Don't act a GOD and make up that other players did things they didn't
do. If you are having other characters interacting in your story the
best thing is to make up your own characters that does not exist.
It wouldn't be fair if I, for example, wrote in my story that I
grew up together with "Halad" if his background story is that he was
raised by wolves in the forest. If other characters turn up in your story we will take for granted that you have let them read it first and approved it to be IC for them.

Write as descent english as possible and don't ever use leet!

Don't tell everything. Leave some mystery to your character and
therefor also a reason for others to roleplay with you and ask about
your past.

At last: Novels are great - but only a few will have the energy to read them online. So rather keep it short than pages of text.
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How to write your story
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