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 Where have we all gone?

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PostSubject: Where have we all gone?   Fri 07 Nov 2008, 12:35

I was just thinking the other day;

"What are those other SQ members doing now?"

So here i am, inviting you to share with me your lives away from SQ.
I'll start with mine eh?

Shortly after the split from SQ, i started Guardians of Destiny. Shortly after my exams loomed and i had less and less time to recruit... And when i did i ended up more and more frustrated with it untill i just didn't want to play WoW anymore.

I hopped from Character to Character for a long time, eventually settling down to Noolah. I avoided RP for a fair while, not enjoying it with Rashkaa and being a little upset about it. Eventually i was roped into RP with Noolah, and i thoroughly enjoyed.

Patch 3.0 came around and new free talent re-jig lured me back to Rashkaa, speccing him back to Prot. With the new talents and changes Paladin Tanking was as fun and effective as ever and, even with dodgey gear, i was tanking instances with ease.

Noolah got a nice power boost, leaving her with permanantly full mana and a nice DPS rate to boot.

So... Leveling Noolah and biding my time till WotLK comes around. Jass Rashkaa will head out to Northrend and experience the cold reality of what Arthas has done. Followed (hopefully) by Noolah at the other end.
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PostSubject: Re: Where have we all gone?   Fri 07 Nov 2008, 18:57

I bet we all know how i whent...
After i joined GoD had the biggest Hopes... But my own Invites to the guild has... well i suck at it.
Porti whent to study and jass to... followed by some time when i was alone in the guild, but i stayed becorse i'm loyal and there was no where else to go.
I used /SQ as my /g chat, and i spent my day's runing around.
But me an jass got closer witch i'm happy for ^^
I got in some truble with Cm and i robbed a high elf...
Then i disided to LvL 70... and i did.
Now thing's are looking brighter i'm not alone any more Ver is here and jass is coming back...

I have no idea what to say now... other then that i i'm more interested in RP and i have found some interesting RP comunetys and stuff....

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PostSubject: Re: Where have we all gone?   Fri 07 Nov 2008, 19:40

I dossed around for a long time, levelled my mage on Defias (Tring), and my rogue on Ravenholdt (Churga). Then I came back to Ravenholdt. Then I joined Crimson Moon on Udd because they're all nice people really. Then I played Stahnlei for a while because he's fun to rp. But there wasn't that much RP. So I got bored and went back to Defias and levelled Jenette, my paladin. Then I had to go back to uni and don't have as much free time now and when I am on, I'm usually on Udd. Even though he's not that much fun to RP.

(edit: , I just realised that every post-Stahn character I've played seriously has been female. I'm not one of those guys who plays a female character to stare at their butt. Honest!)

Also I have a gazillion alts.

At the moment I'm in two minds about getting WOTLK, as simply not buying the thing is probably the most effective way of getting out of almost two years of playing WoW too much. I've played most of the classes now, and the thing I enjoy most is RP. Which sucks quite often. So maybe I should spend my free time writing a book or something.

Except you guys are awesome so I keep coming back :p
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PostSubject: Re: Where have we all gone?   Tue 11 Nov 2008, 16:12

Well, I wqent on to Oblivions Caress, a really nice guild with funny and pleasant people who knows how to focus up and take it seriously when needed. Becci being there wasn't negative either. Smile
Even funnier it became once both Ragd, Ganth/Hizann and Hapam joined in! Heiriga was there also but I think he fell in love with some other MMO so he sadly wasn't online enough to be kept.
Now we've killed every boss in this game except the peeps in Sunwell Plateu which was just insane even after the patch nerf (or we had become lazy as Black Temple was just one big AoE pack and Illidan was fine to kill with half of the raid AFK?).

Anyway I've studied, shaman forums and other places and pretty much everything I saw lately about us elemental shamans made me very, very sad and I lost interest in Agali for now. Perhaps they will fix us so I can get back and play once I can afford a copy of WotLK, perhaps not. Sad

Anyway, as I still have no TV and all my books have been read at least twice I kind of needed to play to pass my time. So I made a druid nelf on Darkmoon Faire and I am currently levelling her. It's a really nice realm and there's so much RP going on everywhere I can't hardly believe it, even though there's of course the jerks who just don't care and the usual amount of new guys who doesn't have a clue.
So if you feel like rolling an alliance alt without being ganked throughout your entire levelling experience it would be fun if you created one on Darkmoon Faire and whispered/mailed me (Evina)! If we're many enough we could perhaps even guild up, eh? Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Where have we all gone?   Tue 11 Nov 2008, 16:13

Oh, and Udd... if you disappear I'll facebook-stalk you with annoying messages a few times/day until you come back. Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Where have we all gone?   Fri 14 Nov 2008, 19:36

Hello everyone,

I bought my old account back and started playing my dwarf paladin again.... Bravehoof is lvl 63 now and migrated to the Drakthul realm because of a friend of mine playing there Smile

Bravehoof the Fisherman Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Where have we all gone?   Fri 20 Mar 2009, 17:59

Good to hear that everyone is ok!

I changed guilds a lot after SQ, but joined Guardians of Destiny at last. But after being away for a while because of work and school, the only one left was Kim. And then he dissapeared aswell.

So I ended up in Unique Trinkets. A great guild, which reminds me a lot of SQ. And now, since yesterday, I'm in charge of it. And I feel so honored, since they apparently were pretty known some time ago.

So, that's who I am now Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Where have we all gone?   Sun 03 May 2009, 11:35

And now i have settled into my new job i have been able to fix up me old desktop so i am back for good Very Happy
Can't wait to see everyone.
Portilia has been lonely for a very long time with what Rashkaa dissapearing and the guild beeing rather empty, but i am hoping i am going to be able to change that with some hard work Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Where have we all gone?   Thu 18 Feb 2010, 16:30

lulz do people still post here? Very Happy

WoW wise I'm playing a Draenie Enhancement Shaman called Azia on Ragnaros 9/12 ICC 25, we would have killed the Lich King by now but the server is so laggy downing bosses is hard. We're grabbing a FCM asap away from here!

RL wise I'm living with my bf in Lincoln and i'm working as a full time social care worker, getting up some experience before applying for a Nursing degree.


I'm a Warlock, I roll my face on the Keyboard and people die.
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PostSubject: Re: Where have we all gone?   

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Where have we all gone?
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