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 Celephor Clearwhisper

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PostSubject: Celephor Clearwhisper   Celephor Clearwhisper Icon_minitimeTue 25 Sep 2007, 21:13

Celephor Clearwhisper

Race: Blood Elf
Age: About 100
Occupation: Mercenary
((Class: Rogue))

Celephor was born in one of the noble families of Silvermoon. However, he never really felt at home, but signed up for the Rangers during the second war. When he arrived at the place where he was to be educated, it was discovered that he had no talent for using bow and arrows. This meant that instead of joining the battles, he stayed behind in the barracks, teaching new recruits about close-quarter combat. During this time, he got to know many humans, as well as the odd dwarf and gnome.

Even after the second war, he kept teaching how to fight. With some exceptions, he stayed at the barracks during the third war. As all High Elves, he was affected by the destruction of the sunwell. He was forced to drain his need of magic from other sources, such as monsters or potions with magical characteristics. To honour his fallen kin, he switched from calling himself High Elf, to calling himself Blood Elf.

When the Blood Elfs broke free from the Alliance, Celephor
was forced to move from his home. He spent a couple of years travelling, and gained new connections. With his occupation and source of income gone, he started to work as a mercenary.

I might add some more some later ~

Oh, and just one more thing. He is not some kind of lost elven prince. He's like the 13:th son of a baron or something.
I mostly put it there to show that he's not a criminal, but more of a warrior/ranger.

One more edit:
I should have read the forum description before I posted this Razz
Well, it is short and hany, at least.
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Celephor Clearwhisper
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