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 Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Stahnlei.

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Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Stahnlei. Empty
PostSubject: Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Stahnlei.   Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Stahnlei. Icon_minitimeMon 24 Sep 2007, 23:18

(This replaces any previous description, as I can't find it any more)

Stahnlei Glitterwing is a male Blood Elf of average height. He has
especially long and beautiful hair, finely chiselled aristocratic
features, and is fairly young for an elf (about seventy years). He
dresses in fine Silvermoon fashions - you very rarely will see him in
the same outfit twice, and smokes sophisticated Bloodthistle
Cigarettes. Usually, he is accompanied by his familiar, a small imp
which is known as Pipnik.

The youngest son of one of Silvermoon's minor noble families, Stahnlei
was, in accordance to tradition, sent to Dalaran to study the magical
arts while his older brother was schooled in Silvermoon in order to
replace his father as inheritor of the family estate. During Stahnlei's
years in Dalaran, he hob-nobbed with members of various Azerothi noble
families, fell in love with many unobtainable women, avoided his
studies and fell in with the ~wrong crowd~. Dalaran's underworld - a
hive of disenfranchised intellectuals, dropout magisters, renegade
acteurs, political dissidents and those who made half-heated pacts with
dark powers. Upon returning to Silvermoon, Stahnlei's family were
shocked to find that instead of intending to become a Magister, the
young elf wanted to write poetry.

Stahnlei was disinherited. Forced out onto the street, attic lofts of
inns, and homes of outraged student friends, and surviving only on the
veritable trickle of money his parents siphoned into his vaults (for
propriety's state - no Glitterwing would die on the streets, although
living on them was bearable), the elf's hand turned from high art to
pulp, supporting himself through the sale of a variety of infamous
Steamy Romance Novels. Whenever he had the time, Stahnlei Glitterwing
(and not one of the pen names he used for most of his less... reputable
endeavours) turned his hand back to poetry, to playwriting, and to the
Great Quel'dorei Novel.

Disaster struck when Arthas' Scourge invaded Quel'thalas. The
Glitterwing estates were ruined, Stahn's family slaughtered. After the
initial dismay, a grim sort of determination settled over the young elf
(after all, they'd been simply ~beastly~ to him, and in the post-war
months, many survivors saught out the escapism of Naughty Naga Nites
XII, meaning Stahnlei's fortune doubled) - he resolved to continue, in
the great search for literiture that had been his initial drive.
However, as the High Elves became Blood Elves, the tastes of the nation
changed, and Stahnlei quickly found his pulp romances falling out of
fashion. Desperate for new material, the elf decided to venture out
into the wider world and seek it out himself... purchasing the true
name of an imp known to mortals as Pipnik with the last of his fortunes
as a safeguard on his travels...
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Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Stahnlei. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Stahnlei.   Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Stahnlei. Icon_minitimeTue 25 Sep 2007, 20:13

If only i had the drive to write such a detailed background. I think i need to eat several dozen candybars to fire up the old noggin or die of sugar overdose. Razz
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Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Stahnlei.
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