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PostSubject: Swaii   Swaii Icon_minitimeMon 24 Sep 2007, 22:58

Name: Swaii

Age: 17

Race: Troll

Sex: Female

Class: Hunter

Likes: Fresh air, Gnorf, Honesty, Helping peoples.

Dislikes: Unneccessary murders, Thifery, Her past and Alchoholic.

Biography: Swaiis own words; My parrents left me when i was 2.... in the valley of trials... to be eaten by the Vile familiars, but i got found and raised by a Tauren named Shamson. and raised. but when i was 6 he had to go fight evil in outlands and left me.....left me in the inn at Ratchet, but i ran away at 8 years old... since then i have lived by myself. i had 1 friend, Xervidan. but he died in a ferocious battle with the scourge. Since then i have been alone.

Who is Swaii: A shy troll female that is kind and likes kind peoples.
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