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 Void Reaver Sucks

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PostSubject: Void Reaver Sucks   Tue 08 Apr 2008, 17:08

Poor poor OC, for the 6th kill in a row Void Reaver has only dropped Warlock/Mage/Hunter T5 token. It's getting beyond silly now. Every one of those classes has T5 shoulders and no one else Sad

Are any of you guys killing Void Reaver on this or another server? What are the T5 token drops like for you?


I'm a Warlock, I roll my face on the Keyboard and people die.
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PostSubject: Re: Void Reaver Sucks   Tue 08 Apr 2008, 17:58

i'm barely killing anything but karazhan.. i'm in a casual kara/pvp guild Mad

besides i think i remember in my former guild that we had a few warrior/priest/druid tokens
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Void Reaver Sucks
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