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 Amrashka Portilia's Past

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PostSubject: Amrashka Portilia's Past   Amrashka Portilia's Past Icon_minitimeSun 23 Sep 2007, 21:15

Portilia started life in silver moon with her parents and older brother Malingo, She trained as a mage and quickly entered into the war leaving her family behind. She was strong willed and determined but not always great with her directions often getting herself lost.
Unfortunatly one evening whilst on her way back from her duties she was attacked by a red masked figure who left her for dead but luckily her love Sir J. Rashkaa found her and got her back up to full health, and all seemed well untill her health deteriated and it then became obviouse that there was curse upon her.

After about a month she fell seriously ill and was taken back to her trainer who watched over her, when Portilia regained counsciencness she had lost alot of her memory and only really rememberd that she had a loved one, a brother and her beloved guild. So she started from scratch and is now a trained warlock with somewhat darker powers and demmons to call upon. Her appearence always seems a little disturbing as her eyes are Solid black due to an unfortunate run in with Lord Shagonar and also her aura grows darker the more angry she gets.

Portilia is a rather confused younge elf, she find the war rewarding but harsh. She was brought up by her simple parents with a simple life that unfortunatly has been complicated and she feels she has gotten lost on the way....

((edited my ending because i felt portilia all in all wasn't actually that powerful, she thinks she's strong but she can be pretty usless lols, hope you all likes))
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Amrashka Portilia's Past
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