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 Mess with mess

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PostSubject: Mess with mess   Mon 10 Mar 2008, 19:50

There went the Quill. They were there from the start. After the departure from Scarlet the Quill took Toryn under it's wing, and now the organisation fell appart.

As many things revealed, some of them needed more knowledge to be understood, so he turned around the corner and disappeared into the desert night.

Standing on the edge of the continent he saw as young hunters and priests like he once was were trying to uncover the misteries. The Regent then came and said: "Ah, yes; we're glad you've finally come. We've got much to discuss, and I'm sure we'll both find out many things from the other. In the meanwhile we've set up a suite for you. The mansion's quarter is still in construction after the tragedy. You know... these days people look after pleasure than achievement."

Walking together on the scared land, the Regent and Toryn Sakhir talked about many plans they'd want to set up.
"Nobody should really know I'm here. I've heard rumours the my parents were dead before the Scourge hit the city walls."
"Trully most unfortunate Sakhir. But things have changed since then. I'm thinking you heard about what Kael'Thas did."
"Not the whole story... yet! But I'm sure I'll catch up pretty quick".

After departing, he entered the suite. He could almost feel the energy from the nearby entity. "Hmm, what did they call him... the naaru."

Day after day, books and messages would end up in his little suite. What he used to do in the monastery, he was doing again. Every little bit of info was coming to him. He would find out who was responsible of his parents' death. He would find out what happened that day on the Marsh when he was knocked cold and nearly died.

But for now, at that little dim light from the wyrm... he would draw. He would draw that last evening with the Quill, down on the desert of Shimmering Flats.
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Mess with mess
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