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 Lord Kiandarai

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PostSubject: Lord Kiandarai   Lord Kiandarai Icon_minitimeFri 21 Sep 2007, 10:00

Full name: Shagonar Kiandarai of Tranquilien

Sex: Male

Race & Class: Blood Elf, Blood Knight

Lord Shagonar is not a kind man. He may seem harsh and cruel by his stonefaced and cold appearance. Man who does not trust anyone easily and is always ready for anything. He does not really like anything and does not bow to anyone who he has no respect on. Arrogant, stubborn, strong willed and wicked all mixed up in to a one man.

This is what Shagonar is already famous about in the guild:
-Cause of Iseldras blindness
-Corrupted carrier of the Compass
-Suspected poisoner of Agali
-Man who wounded Uddersbane
-Former Warlord of the Guardians
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Lord Kiandarai
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