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 Syridian's background.

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Syridian's background. Empty
PostSubject: Syridian's background.   Syridian's background. Icon_minitimeFri 21 Sep 2007, 02:39

The enchanted sunlight tingled as it always did when it hit the young Elf's back. His patrols were never tiring, the walks were never over-long, and the fact that the sun always bathed the woods of Eversong in the same springtime glow, really never made it too hot.

"Syridian! Hey, Rich boy!" A slightly whining, female tone rang from over his shoulder. "Are you going to just crawl along that same road all day 'again' too!?"

He let his shoulders fall lazily as he turned his head slowly to look at the whining voice. It was none other than his 'Brother in arms' Aurial, though she had rather too much feminimity to be called a 'Brother' without a snicker from one of the Rangers, the guilty giggler was always found out and rapped harshly around the head with a commanding shield swing.

"Yes m'lady.. I am on orders to guard the Sheperds' Gate today, as you well know..." Syridian drawled back to her in a tired tone. She may have climbed the Blood Knight ladder at exactly the speed he had done all those years ago, but that didn't stop her being a Blood Knight shaped pain in the rear.

It was typically dull days like this, in which you could be sure no Alliance raid would be mounted on the Capital, and that the Scourge would waste their time killing Duskbats and the odd Orc, that reminded Syridian of times passed, times when he stood alongside his Father, Sir Valoreian himself on the battlefield, or by his mighty Ranger-captain sisters Taran and Anii. Toe to toe with Forest Trolls, or the Legion itself.
Days when his name was not whined by colleagues with a day to kill, but cried out in need of support, or to be barked at with the new offensive order. But he, jsut as with the rest of his people, lost these relished times with the March of Arthas' forces.

When the Sunwell fell, the mighty roar of its corruption fel on the dead or dying ears of Syridian's family and kinsmen. He could still to this make out the echoing moans of his sister Anii tug at the rusted pike that had run her through, or the screams of his Father being crushed under the charge of one of the enemy's towering Abominations.

All this though, had happened a long time past now, and though the memory runs through his blood like iced water, he stands straight, looks forward and does not blink or tarry in readying his sword at the call to order. You didn't stay guarding the Gates of Silvermoon City itself very long, if you did...

"I've been ordered to the Manaforges in that blasted Netherstorm, you know!" Came that same whine.
"Orders of the righteous Prince Kael'Thas himself! Isn't that wonderful?"

Syridian did not smile, though he could almost sense the grin on Aurial's girlish face spreading from cheek to cheek. He knew how much this promotion of office meant to one as driven as her, and even he, Master Knight that he was, did not have the heart to take that away from her.

" all who oppose us...M'lady.." He muttered, smiling strainedly over to her beaming self.
He hadn't the heart to remind her, that those ordred to the Forges, or to The Black Temple, were seldomeseen or heard of again, save in the pyres of the Lower City in Shattrath.

And as he heard the clank of her armour plates smacking together as she saluted his back, he could make out a new moaning scream in his mind now, one of a whining, female voice, begging him not to finish her off...

And at that, he went on another patrol, hoping some Darnassian scout would shoot him dead where he stood to stop the moaning altogether.

The arrow never came, and the whining screams were far worse than anticipated as his sword came crashing down loudly onto the Sunfury Knight before him....
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Syridian's background.
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