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PostSubject: Loyalties   Wed 05 Mar 2008, 15:49

Takmari slumped as she was dragged along the corridor, trying to make herself as heavy and awkward to move as possible. It would make no difference in the end, she would still have to go to the room, but she wasn't going to go down without a fight!

Far away, Thokmoth, her loyal Voidwalker, had been banished, held inbetween two plans of existance, unable to come to her, unable to help. The line that connected them was being stretched, Tak could feel the pulling inside her chest, she swallowed and tried to ignore it.

With a thud, she was thrown to the floor and she could feel a guards foot pushing in her back.

"Let her up." The voice was hollow and echoed around the room.

Takmari raised herself slowly, first to kneeling, then to standing where she faced Lady Sylvanas.

"You wished to see me My Lady?"
"Takmari Briony! What have you been playing at?" Shouted the Dark Lady.
Tak frowned, "What do you mean?"
Sylvanas threw a pile of papers at Taks' feet, "Explain this!"
Looking down, Tak saw a pile of her research about the Black Dragon Flight, "It's... my research... It's about..."
"I know what it's about!" Sylvanas yelled again, the words echoed about the room, "What I want to know is how does this help my Plague? The Plague you're hired to find!"
"It... it doesn't My Lady."
Sylvanas pointed at Tak, "You rethink your loyalties, you will work on my plague and nothing or I will pull your resources! You will work for me and only me!"
"And the Quill?" Tak said meekly.
"I am your leader!"
"Very well, I will inform the Quill of my departure then get back to work."

Takmari bowed grudgingly then quickly left the throne room.


Thought I could at least give you guys something to work with if my leaving ever comes up IC.


I'm a Warlock, I roll my face on the Keyboard and people die.
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PostSubject: Re: Loyalties   Wed 05 Mar 2008, 16:00

A shame it would have to come to this.

*wanders off to assassinate Sylvanas*
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PostSubject: Re: Loyalties   Wed 05 Mar 2008, 16:56

*sobs* your amazing stories, You better still post some on LJ lols
Well as usual -love it- Very Happy not that your leaving that is, just the story wrighting is good ^^ okay i'll shut up now lols
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PostSubject: Re: Loyalties   Thu 06 Mar 2008, 06:14

Damn elf, i would kill her if Varimathras does not stand there near like a colosus.
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PostSubject: Re: Loyalties   Thu 06 Mar 2008, 12:32

Why didnt i follow the teachings of fire so i could have burnt the flesh from the bones of the old crone...
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PostSubject: Re: Loyalties   

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