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 A simple question.

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PostSubject: A simple question.   Tue 04 Mar 2008, 00:33

Hey Quill, i got a question for you, If a person how is living at his parents place know that he/she can be a wake to a certain time gets forced to bed 5 hours earlier because the parents finds it unsettling that there child is up late. And the parents think they are helping the child and tries there best to keep it from playing games that include social contact/ contact over internet but is infact ruining the confidence in the parents and the child will to live. What should the child do if he/she is to scared to even talk about the subject with his parents?
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PostSubject: Re: A simple question.   Tue 04 Mar 2008, 00:43

Connexions are good for this type of thing... or Child line.

Don't whatever you do... try to deal with it alone. Sure help him/her with their problem... but make sure they talk to someone who's trained to deal with this sort of thing.

I can get hold of the childline number if you so wish.
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PostSubject: Re: A simple question.   Tue 04 Mar 2008, 00:47

After trying to explain what exactly a game like WoW means to parents (mine stopped bugging me about playing so much when I explained it is the best way for me to keep incontact with my SO), you just have to deal.

It's kinda harsh, but you live under your parents roof, you live by their rules.

Explain the situation the best you can though.


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PostSubject: Re: A simple question.   Tue 04 Mar 2008, 00:56

well i for one nagotiate bed time with my mom like once every year and manage to expand it somewhat 1 hour - 30 mins Razz plus i got no need for slowing down on playing cause my mom knows i got friends here and i enjoy it.. and she accepts me not wanting to be outsite cause of the bullying i've been a victim for Neutral

but man.. talk about it with them.. only way you'll solve it anyelse you got alot to deal with alone.. i had to deal with most of my bullying alone cause i didn't want to "loose the friends" that i thought was my friends.. but then i told my mom about it and it all got better *cough* for a while at the time*cough*
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PostSubject: Re: A simple question.   

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A simple question.
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