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PostSubject: Grosk   Grosk Icon_minitimeMon 03 Mar 2008, 23:08

Grosk is more summers old
than he can count. From the grey wisps in his beard one would think his prime days
are coming to an end.

He spent his entire
life in war bands and knows no other way of life. In his last band he was an
officer under captain Gmank. Being one of the forerunners in the occupation of
the outlands this was one of the more experienced war bands Thrall owned.

But the years went by
and the demon front was pushed back. And so the proud band would grow smaller
as killed band members were not replaced. Until the day came only Grosk was
left. The last of his band run down by human cavalry deep in enemy territory.

He only knows one
life. To fight, eat and drink with his band members around him. He had heard of
the feared Sharpened Quill guild and went on a quest to seek out one of there
officers. He found Heiriga and from that day on he was no longer alone.

Grosk likes being in
the heat of battle and has no fear. For the rest he is a simple minded fellow.
All he knows is the discipline following and giving orders.

As a soldier and survivor he will always eat, drink and
sleep when ever he can.
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PostSubject: Re: Grosk   Grosk Icon_minitimeMon 03 Mar 2008, 23:10

"He had heard of the feared Sharpened Quill guild"

What? We being feared? *giggles behind hand*
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