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 Master Syridian Val'Orei

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PostSubject: Master Syridian Val'Orei   Master Syridian Val'Orei Icon_minitimeFri 21 Sep 2007, 01:56

Name: Syridian Val'Orei

Blood Knight Ranking: Blood Knight Master, and as such, Rider of the Master's Thalassian Charger

Age: Thought to be late twenties, but possibly younger as he's never quite mentioned it!

Sex: Male *it's hard to tell with these guys I know*

Likes to: Learn more about how to improve his performance, being a credit to the Val'Orei name.

Doesn't like to: Admit his failings, yield to someone his superior whether in skill or otherwise, think about his family and lost loved ones.

Would probably laugh if: Challenged to a fight by an Alliance Paladin, he was tickled.

Might shed a tear if: he was made to think of people he's lost, was peeling some variety of onion.

"Syridian is and has always tried to be a gentleman to those around him, bowing and showing courtesy to the ladies, and respectful chivalry to his fellow man and though he feels strongly that the Orcish Horde he now calls friend wish him and his people dead, he knows it aids the Sin'Dorei a great deal more now, to stay sweet with them and swallow his instinctive hatreds.
He can often be seen to be the exemplary soldier and guardsman, and can often be seen standing watch or patrolling around even at friendly gatherings by the local Inn, or keeping a vigil while his allies play-fight in the Farstrider square. This sort of anti-social behaviour though, has rather made a dent in Syridian's amount of acquaintances, and even friends."

When describing Syridian, the most common-found comments he has encountered so far, have been that he appears 'Uptight' and often, quite 'Square'.
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Master Syridian Val'Orei
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