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 Guild rules

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PostSubject: Guild rules   Guild rules Icon_minitimeSat 08 Sep 2007, 14:23

Roleplay Rules
Sharpened Quill is a roleplaying guild on a roleplaying server. This, surprisingly, means we want you to roleplay.

- members must be in character on the /s and /y channels. If found acting out of character, you may be suspended from the guild
- members must roleplay to the best of their ability at all times. This does NOT mean that this is a guild for you if you have no ability to roleplay, however.
- play a (fairly) believable character. It's no fun for anyone if everyone is the son of Onyxia and the stepsister of Thrall and also the hottest thing to walk Azeroth on two legs (Core Hounds are probably hotter).
- Respect other people's characters and don't try and ruin their roleplay deliberately.

in addition, we have some rules on how you roleplay in certain situations:

The Meeting

- once a week, the Sharpened Quill holds a meeting. Unlike normal roleplay sessions, the meeting requires you not to be completely in character.
- we attend the meeting to get the latest guild news, make announcements, and such. Agali, or another officer, speaks for most of the meeting - you do not. If you want to say something, do it tactfully and sparsely, otherwise it slows down the meeting too much.
- during the meeting, respect what the officer has to say and don't make it difficult for them to do their job. This is the one time where we treat In Character behaviour in the same way as Out of Character behaviour - if you're slowing down the meeting and not responding to in character requests to stop, you'll receive an OOC warning - and punishment if you continue.

Other Roleplaying

- in other roleplay events, you may act how you like. Don't worry about being disruptive or argumentative, or cutting through someone else's 'plan', open roleplay shouldn't have one. However, please consider two things: Is the roleplay fun for everyone else?, and Does your character behave in a way that he/she would actually want to be in the guild? If you have doubts, it may be a good idea to modify your behavior.
- demons, people with double personalities where one is evil, bloodthirsty murderers, people who can get into other people's minds or other silly kinds are not welcome in the guild IC - and preferrably not OOC either.
- if you plan to do RP that the IC elders would not like we don't want you to do it in front of the elders or anyone who will most likely tell them about it. Knowing such things IC may force us to exclude you from the guild IC as we are not roleplaying idiots who forgets things just to keep the fun for you.

Guild Chat Rules

Guild Chat is out of character. You are NOT required to roleplay here. However, there still are rules.

- act like a responsible adult. We don't care how old you are actually
- keep guild chat fairly 'clean' and accessible. We don't mind the odd swear word, risque conversation, or weird injoke, but remember, there is only one /g channel, and everyone else should be able to take part in the conversation if they want to, without being horrifically offended or alienated.
- do not beg other members, either in guild chat, or elsewhere. While we do not ban boosts, we don't like them very much, and while we don't mind you asking for financial assistance, we don't look kindly to you doing it immediately when you join in.
- good things come to those who wait. There are a variety of nice people in the guild, who will do nice things for you and help you out if you're a nice person too. We don't take kindly to you if you aren't a nice person, or if you ask for nice things too much.
- NEVER directly flame or attack another player of the game in guild chat or elsewhere. If you are just joking, make sure they know it. We WILL kick people immediately who break this rule.

Miscellaneous rules

- Don't profiteer. It's nice to make items and gear for other people in the guild, and it may cost you money. It's fine to ask them to cover your costs (although it's also nice to do it for free!). It's not nice to make enough for your epic flying mount off everyone else while doing it.
- Acolytes and above may have one alt at the minimum level of 20 invited to the guild. When both characters are level 70 another alt can be allowed.
- Treat EVERYONE with respect. Everyone plays the game for fun, even the alliance. Don't ruin their day too much.
- Register on these forums with your in-game name. That way, we can make sure you know our ridiculous demands on you.
- If you're going to be offline for 28 days or more, let us know. That way we don't send out the search parties, or kick you from the guild for inactivity.
- Mats taken from the guild bank shall be used for a craft to someone in the guild. They are not for money making or pure skill grinding. That is what your own bank is for. (exceptions can be made if you have a tradeskill that is needed in the guild. The Elders will have the final descision)
- Items that have been lying in the guild bank for a long time will be sold at AH or over trade channel. The money will go to the bank.
- When the bank is one day wealthy it can be possible to loan gold. This requires you to be a trusted member of the guild and also that you have a good reason for the loan. You shall also pay a certain amount of interest.
- Those who donates to the bank will have priority in receiving items if there is ever a struggle.
- Initiates do not have access to the guild bank.

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Posts : 627
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PostSubject: Re: Guild rules   Guild rules Icon_minitimeMon 11 Feb 2008, 02:22

Edited guild rules, adding a few pointers about how we feel about evil or "special" RP. Also edited the rule on alts.
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Guild rules
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