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PostSubject: Hexta   Hexta Icon_minitimeTue 26 Feb 2008, 19:48

Full name: Hexta Filu
Age: Late Teens / Early 20s
Location during the attack on silvermoon: The orphanage
Likes: Fellow trolls, looking up females skirts, Skinning his prey, Making armour
Dislikes: Alliance, Selfish people, Bullys, Pratical Jokes.
Current occupation: After speaking with Ormok, he is now an apprentice to him, training to be a rogue.
Birthplace: A cave in Durotar
Home: Anywhere I can rest my head, I move around.
Clothing: Anything that does not stop him from what he does best, killing.
Traits: Hexta does not have many famous traits, he tries to pick pocket there and then, but most of the time he does his own thing.
Looks: Blue hair, Tusks, Large tattoo on back, Scar running down the side of his face when he encountered a Scytheclaw for the first time.
Love interests: None really, he keeps his options open, but is notoriously shy when it comes to women, he just looks up their skirts in stealth.
Plans for the future: Hexta is on his way to becoming a renowned rogue for his people, and he will continue his training and find friends who will stick by him, no matter what happens.
Family: Hexta was given up to the orphanage as a baby, and he does not remember much about his family, he wants to though, one day find his parents and ask why they did what they did.
Enemies: Hexta does not have many enemies, but he has a personal vendetta to stalk his teasers when he was a young one at the orphanage.

Made up a few extra headings there. what you think? Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Hexta   Hexta Icon_minitimeTue 26 Feb 2008, 20:02

I think he sounds like a nice and cool guy! Although, I must remind you of something:
Orgrimmar wasn't built until approximately 5 years ago, so it's kind of impossible that Hexta was left at the orphanage as a baby and now is a teen or in his early twenties.

I did the exact same mistake myself until someone pointed this out to me. Smile
I suggest that you check out the troll history on wowwiki for some new ideas:
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