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PostSubject: Hexta   Hexta Icon_minitimeTue 26 Feb 2008, 19:26

Hexta does not know much about his family, as he was put
into the Orgrimmar Orphanage at a very young age. It is here that Hexta was
tormented, bullied, teased and physically abused by the other orphans and
leaving a devastating mental scare. He made 1 or 2 friends throughout his early
years at the orphanage, who then found homes respectably, and left poor Hexta
on his own, and for some reason, the young troll just could not find a home,
and became the longest orphan there, until he had enough.

He was fed up of being teased and Orphan Matron Battlewail
not seeing it or not doing anything about it, so he just wanted to go invisible
and not be noticed, to try and make things go away permanently. So one summers
night, he snuck out of the orphanage, without making a sound. Encouraging start
by the inexperienced Troll, who snuck through the valley of honor, and into the
cleft of shadow where he met a man called Ormok, a wise rogue trainer in the

Nervously, Hexta approached the man, and squealed out the voice
“Make me invisible… sir”

Ormok chuckled and replied with “Now young’un, why would I
go do a silly thing like that?”

“I want to be invisible to make all my problems go away!
Please sir, here, I saved up my pocket money for 2 years, 1 silver 49 bronze exactly!”
mumbled Hexta again,

“On one condition, you join the ranks of a rogue, and as a
grant to your wish, you go spend the next few years of your life at the Den,
Valley of trials, east of here. There you will learn the ways of the rogue,
stealth, assassination, combat and in return I shall grant you the spell
Stealth, which will let you go invisible and you will not be seen by others
around you, unless you do an action, in which the spell wares off!” lectured
Ormok to Hexta, who’s eyes now were full of admiration and excitement, for he
had the solution to all his fears!

“YAH MON!” exclaimed Hexta, who was jumping up and down in
anticipation of going invisible.

“Quiet youngblood, be still and calm, and I shall inject the
blood of a rogue, and hence forth, you will begin your training, and report
back to me every so often, so I can keep tabs. Lets say, you are my apprentice”

“Roger dodger!” replied Hexta, who now stood still and calm,
closing his eys and his head tilted down towards the ground.

Ormok rolled up his sleeves and grasped Hexta’s head with
his fingertips, and muttered some words in an unknown language. All of a
sudden, there was a flash of light and a tickling sensation on his back.

The pain stopped.

“Arise Hexta, new born rogue and forever shall be one of the
horde!” chanted Ormok. Hexta rose and felt drowsy for a few minutes, but that
weared off and then he felt much better, like a new man.

“So, how do I use it, the stealth I mean?” queried Hexta,
who tried touching his back to see what the pain was.

“Think invisible, be invisible” stated Ormok. Hexta thought
invisible, and then he was invisible! Hexta did not feel invisible, but Ormok
said he was, but he could see him anyway because he was so powerful inside.

“Thank you Sir Ormok, trainer of the rogues and master!”
Hexta said, then he ran to the nearest bathroom and looked at his back in the
mirror. He had a tattoo showing the sign of a horde, in black on his orange
skin. He trumped back to the orphanage where he told the Matron that he had to
go find something, and he will be back later. He threw is bags out the back
window, so nothing could be suspected.

So from then on, his journey as a rogue begun, and he
trained and trained through the Valley
of Trials, Razor Hill and now he is
trying his luck in the barrens, improving anywhere he can. Hexta is now a wise
troll rogue, who has no luck with the ladies, because he has the wrong
approach, taking advantage of the stealth ability a bit too much. His main
incentives are to find a female troll and start a family, and make lots of
close friendships with people that get on with everyone (guild).

Sorry it’s a bit long! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Hexta   Hexta Icon_minitimeFri 29 Feb 2008, 15:00

It's cool, mind what Agali said in your character desciption, that Ogrimmar wasn't build 'till recently.

But otherwise it was brilliant.
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