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PostSubject: Deis   Deis Icon_minitimeFri 22 Feb 2008, 15:32

Full name: Deis Skybloom
Age: 55-65 Years
Location during the attack on silvermoon: Out fishing.. being a civillian she obviously didnt hurry back in order to get herself killed when she heard the news.
Likes: Adventuring and everything that comes with it (good or bad), Uniforms, Orc and Tauren lands, People who doesnt judge her in advance, Animals, Simple things (A pretty rock, a bird chirping in a tree, etc.)
Dislikes: Boredom, Prejudgement, Clam foods, complicated things (Engineering, etc.).
Current occupation: None.
Birthplace: Silvermoon.
Home: None.
Clothing: Anything that feels comfortable and lets her skin breathe.
Traits: Spending most of her time looking for unusual and interesting things, she has developed a keen sense for tracking.
Looks: Red hair, Green eyes, Average Height, Average Weight.. Trying to discribe her by looks would end up discribing probably 10% or more of the normal Sin'Dorei women.
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