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 Over the hills and far away (Vardred-edited edition!)

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Over the hills and far away (Vardred-edited edition!) Empty
PostSubject: Over the hills and far away (Vardred-edited edition!)   Over the hills and far away (Vardred-edited edition!) Icon_minitimeTue 19 Feb 2008, 22:17

*OOC: Hey folks, some of you might have noticed that this is the second post I've made here. The reason for this is simple -being the clumsy whatnot I am, I goes to edit the thing...and somehow end up deleting it! (note to self: Do not press 'Yes') Crying or Very sad But never mind, this can only lead to a happier, steam-powered future! Sorry its a bit long, I hope my -incredible- story telling dosent bore you too much! Have a pre-emptive thanks for reading this! Smile*

The old Librarian looked quite at home as he cheerfully browsed those ancient wooden shelves for the requested documents. Why, he was so much in his element that he began humming -a merry little tune that reminded him of happier, warmer times.
"Ahh, here we go! The state records of one Vardred M. Deleomere! Right, lets see..."
Quickly scanning the pages, he found the relevent information and continued
"Born the second of three children of Tydor and Kathyrn Deleomere...Oh what a lovley couple those two made, if I remember rightly...the mother was a preist at the local abbey, whilst the father..."
His merry ramble was intterrupted by a sinister hiss from the figure opposite. Quite a peculiar fellow he was, thought the Librarian, turning up at this ungodly hour and requesting to see such -sensitive- documents. He also felt slight offence that the figure refused to remove his hood indoors...
"My apologies, sir! Hmm, it reads here that Vardred was the most academically succesfull of the three children -the most unpleasent too, I heard, quite arrogant and cold"
He smiled at the figure opposite, pausing for a few seconds to allow a possible comment? A little conversation preahps? No? Sigh, he didnt say very much...
"Hmm..At the age of 20, Vardred left his parents for a career in the Stormwind Navy..and if I am not mistaken..."
He fumbled with the yellowed tome, searching for the military records contained within
"Yes, here we go. At 32, Vardred became captain of the 'Endevor'. Sent down Stranglethorn Vale it seems, no doubt to...yes, sent to attack Venture Co. Shipping. Turns out your Vardred had quite a fearsome reputation...Oh, this is interesting, looks like he had to be censured five times for 'Unessasarily violence and methods of suppression'. Something about a massacre here...the entire, women, children...all for one man? No wonder...."
He scanned down the page, reafing through reams of dates, medals and countless other facts and figures, until he spoke
"Hmm..unfortunatley Vardreds little reign of terror was quite short lived, he and his crew were killed just off the coast of Lordearon. Something to do with Elves, apparently...Only one survivor, and he claims that no order was given to return fire...That is strange, according to this, he should have been stationed at the other side of the continent..."
At this, the cheery Librarian abandoned his readings, carefully inserting the documents back into their correct place in the file. He never did notice the two hulked figures emerging from the shadows at the back of the room
" Vardred now....old man?"
spoke the other figure. The Librarian shuddered, that voice! So cold, dripping with menace it was. Throwing a hurried glance behind him, the Librarian took a step forward, now speaking in a tense whisper
"Well, that depends who you ask, dont it?"
He grinned
"Some say he died...codswallop in my opinion. These things go round see? I heard that somehow...someway, he survived. Now, I dont know about you, but I reckon that still wanders the shores of Lordearon, gibbering like some wild thing. Some say, he is searching for something..Pah, I heard that he went completley mad, barmy, insane even! Suppose it was the pain of sending all those men to their deaths..."
He never finished his sentance, for a cruel hand whipped from behind him, smothering his mouth. The figure avanced meanicingly, lowering his hood in the process. The old man screamed as the face of nightmares emergred from the shadows. He could not see the eyes...there were no eyes, and here and there, rancid shreds of palid, rotting flesh hung limp from the gleaming bone, revealing the vile homes of all manner of filth ridden vermin
"A pity this...old man. I suppose we really should be thanking you for being so...helpful to our cause at this...most sensitive hour...The childish fool, thinks the Quill will protect him does he? We shall see..."
He turned to the horrified Librarian
"But I ramble on, apologies. I assume your wife and children will be most eager for their daddy to return home? Hmm...forget all about them, me, us, Vardred...this meeting, sleep now, and dream of...happier times"
The figure raised a wicked looking pistol from the depths of his long blue coat -a navy uniform! Raising the pistol, he pulled back the firing mechanism to ready the weapon, and as he did so..

He smiled.
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Over the hills and far away (Vardred-edited edition!)
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