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PostSubject: Arkanoth   Arkanoth Icon_minitimeMon 11 Feb 2008, 18:00

Full name: Ravel Densley (human), Arkanoth (Forsaken)
Age: Timeless soul, body rotting since the Third War.
Location during the attack on silvermoon: Lying somewhere completely dead.
Likes: getting lost in the memories of his past, his succubus - Darlissa, seeking greater and greater power and knowledge over demons, experimenting with alcohol on his own body (both i.v. and oral).
Dislikes: The Scourge. Those who would undo creation. Gnomes. Ignorant people.
He claims that he earns money from a job given by the Forsaken, but actually he pillages some random villages when he needs anything material.
Birthplace: Near Stratholme.
Home: In The Draft in Orgrimmar.
Clothing: Robe of fine cloth made by himself and his succubus.
Traits/Social skills:
He suppresses a constant anger and agression, but behaves in a normal and polite way. He can be very irritating with his continuous babbling about his "latest research". Most of the time, however he realizes the loneliness that surrounds him and then just stares on the ground sitting, saying nothing for hours, even days. He keeps Darlissa on a short leash, because she is wantonness incarnate, but they both developed a strange bond to eachother. Which can only lead to destruction. I hope.
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