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 Cathleen Dawnchild.

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PostSubject: Cathleen Dawnchild.   Cathleen Dawnchild. Icon_minitimeMon 11 Feb 2008, 16:18

Full name: Cathleen Dawnchild
Age: 72 Years
Location during teh attack on silvermoon: Fleeing with her family.
Likes: Peace, tranquility, nature, stories, the opposit sex, fishing, taurens and trolls.
Dislikes: Pain, fear, demons, basically everything dark and evil.
Current occupation: After she got kicked from the blood knight order she took up "training" as a hunter with the intend to join the farstriders.
Birthplace: Silvermoon city.
Home: She currently makes her home in Mulgore.
Clothing: In silvermoon she w
Traits: If you catch her off guard you might see her looking in a black book with a name written on the front. The book is quickly covered once she's awear of your presence.
You will often find her smiling and cheerful, atleast that is how she is, but her good mood is usually ruined by guild mates playing their characters IC.

I think that's the quick presentation of Cathleen.
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Cathleen Dawnchild.
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