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 A little something...

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PostSubject: A little something...   A little something... Icon_minitimeMon 11 Feb 2008, 14:59

Full name: Morghien Athrillien
Age: 150
Sex: Male
Place of birth: Silvermoon City
Location when Silvermoon fell: Dalaran, holding basic lectures on the application of the elemental powers.
Occupation: Researcher
Likes: The Mysteries of Magic, and the female sex.
Dislikes: Breaking of principles, idiocy.
Fears: Sharks, and predatory fishes.

By the first glance, you see an elf with coldnes wrapped around him like a blanket. His eyes seem to have the fury of winter trapped behind them, giving him a terrigying apperance.

But these traits hides the jovial and flirtatious mage that Morghien truly is
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A little something...
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