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PostSubject: Jengbu   Jengbu Icon_minitimeTue 05 Feb 2008, 00:04

Jengbu is a laid back hunter who likes to belong, He enjoys spending weeks at a time in the wilderness sleeping rough and gereraly enjoying the wild, and then getting a friendly welcome back from friends and family when he gets back

Jeng's background is not very exiting, he has had a few encounters with beasts that have left a few scars and once slipped off a zepelin leaving him with a few cracked ribs and a chipped tusk...but his troll regeneration meant a quick recovery.

Quick Facts
1. Troll
2. Hunter
3. Laid Back (Like most trolls)
4 Spends weeks at a time in the wild and enjoys the welcome he gets when he returns
5. Has never done much important..just a plain troll
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