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 my family, Turus Nei.

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PostSubject: my family, Turus Nei.   Sun 03 Feb 2008, 17:02

Turus Nei

Kim'jael used stealth, hiding in the
shadows for what ever should see him.
I hid in the forest for I knew that
the info that I had gathered was important and that i cud die if it
would leek sins I was discovered while gathering it.
I saw the red trees... this land is
beautiful and rich, the nature here is art its beauty is unmatched by
any thing.
As I was walking around I came across a
goblin that seamed to be digging. Near a tree a big bag stud, as I
got closer to him i picked his pocket, he only had a silver some
copper and a some tipe of picture of a gabling female and goblin
children... they all looked hideous.
Then i went to the bag, I opened the
bag there where some trinkets and devises and other things.
As i bigged deeper in the big bag i
found a small cage... as i took a closer look i saw 2 small evil
green eyes.
- daemon. I seed quietly to my self.

The eyes did not blink they just looked
at me... as i tock a closer look at the cage it hade some strange
runes or marks that seamed to seal the daemon.
The small daemon made purring noises.

- Aaa! The Goblin Screamed.
as i thot i hade ben sean so i looked
-Die!The Gobling Screamed higher.
Infront of the goblin there was a gnome
that wore a strange armour that seamed to be many different devises
and tinkering and plate types. he looked like a tinker warrior or
some thing but he was wile eyed, and a bit crazy.
The gnome started a sinister laugh.
The gnome raised his armoured hand and
from it came some thing that still amazes me... from his hand came a
flash of fire, some how the goblin got hit by massive fire damage.
The goblin enraged by the magical force
he grabbed the gun like contraption that he had on his belt.
the gun was strange it had a big red
rocket on it with a smile on it.
he tock up the gun and aimed for the
gnome, he fires and hitts the gnome with grate force. the gnome got
thrown back words several yards.
- AAA!
His armour seamed part broken, the
gnome stood up. from his hands there came some type of mechanical
extended arm but with a claw on top of it. that those crabs in
Ashenvail have.
the two claws flew with greater speed
at the goblin, on of them seamed to malfunction becorse it feel to
the ground and got engulfed in flames.

the other one got the goblins arm and
the gnome pulled it closer to him.
This is very strange a mage warrior
tinker... unless its a strong mage or a magical warrior.
The gnome pulled the goblin close to
him as fast as he can the goblin pulled up his hands to defend him
self as they got closer to each other... but the collision that the
goblin that was coming never came the claw malfunctioned but the
gnome got the goblin within melee range.
- HAHAHAHH!the small green skin
The gnome closed his fist and tried to knock out the goblin his hit came as a suprice for the goblin.
This started a melee battel that was
between two people wo deosnet seam to know any thing abate melee.
Which probably means that the gnome isent a warrior.
they stood and slapped and hit each
other like as if they where children.
Then the gnome got enofe and tock a
steep back and tock up a drill like weapon that looked almost like a

he stabbed the goblin with it and hit
his shoulder then the drill started to spin and then it started to
shine with arcane power.
a grate roar was heard as the goblin
lost on of his arm.
The goblin wasent going to give up so
easily he kicked the gnome so he fell back words, then the goblin
grabbed a bomb from no where and threw it at the gnome and jumped
a greate expotion was heard and a great
clowd was seen over the sean...
the cofes of the two combatants where
loud and where filed with pain.

as the smoke settled...
the goblin grabbed a big gun from the
ground and fierd towards the gnome his bullet missed.
Now the gnome wanted to end this, i cud
see it in his eyes.
He tock from hiss bag a lot of devises
that he threw out and activated them all, there where mechanical
chickens, dragons, wolfs, gnomes, turretīs.
and some other strange things.
- Hahaha now you can truly see what
is superior!The gnome screamed to the goblin.
both of them are battered and bloody
and have lost skin, some boneīs where visible.
The odds where now low for the
- Never we have clearly superior
engenering!The goblin was brave even tho he has lost an arm and his
badly wounded he stands.
The goblin screamed and pulled of his
woollen vest... and under it there was an extreme number of
explosives, and from no where he grabbed a type of helmet that was
very odd.

The goblin pointed his head towards the
gnome and then he pressed a button on the helmet, on an instant he
flew directly on the gnome hand hit him hard but at the same second
that they meet the goblin blew him self up.

The grate explosion was loud and echoed
threw the forest and left a crater in the grass and the nearby
trees got a black side and they got
the nature where once again damaged by
the wars of the mortal races...
as i came out from my hiding place from
behind the tree... i saw that the daemonīs cage was broken!
i jumped the cage with a dagger in my
hand, and as i looked down the cage for what to hit i saw... a Small
- Well hello there little friend. i
seed to the cat.

- Meow! The cat replied.
- Well it looks like you don't have
a owner. want to come with me?
- Meow! The cat answered.
- i will call you... Turus Nei. That is thalasian for Small Cat.
I picked up the cage and put it in by
as i looked around i saw that the
undead where aproching the explanations must have lured them some
There where to many of them so i had to
flee but furs i have to kill as many as i can.
as i swinged my daggers over the lich
kings slaves and watched how my blades danced on there body's there
blood spleted over the grass and treeīs. I gave what the
Lordearoon earth wanted... the blood of the Scourge and it still
hungers fore me. I learned a lot of things that day. and i got a
new friend... and now i am never alone.

now i have a family.
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PostSubject: Re: my family, Turus Nei.   Sun 03 Feb 2008, 18:09

pretty nice story kim.. thou i must critizise 1 thing a bit.. you did.. perhaps use a bit too much time on the battle between the gnome and the goblin.. somehow it took all the attention away from the actual story.. but anyelse its a nice story man Smile
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PostSubject: Re: my family, Turus Nei.   Sun 03 Feb 2008, 19:41

Ferbian wrote:
pretty nice story kim.. thou i must critizise 1 thing a bit.. you did.. perhaps use a bit too much time on the battle between the gnome and the goblin.. somehow it took all the attention away from the actual story.. but anyelse its a nice story man Smile

Its nice iīll try to change it.
Thank you for the crtizism!
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PostSubject: Re: my family, Turus Nei.   Mon 04 Feb 2008, 22:59

I agree with Ferbian, it IS a nice story although I must admit that I only eyed through most of the fight as i didn't find it very important for the story and a bit too lengthy. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: my family, Turus Nei.   

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my family, Turus Nei.
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