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PostSubject: Harathoi   Harathoi Icon_minitimeSun 03 Feb 2008, 16:04

Name: - Harathoi
Race: - Sin'Dorei (Blood Elf)
Class: - Paladin (In Training at the moment)
Age: - 54yrs
Likes: - Travelling, Fine Metalwork, Intelligent Debates, Learning
Dislikes: - Random Violence, The Scourge, Arthas, not being allowed to travel.
Suffers from Wanderlust, Travels more or less at random, or at least wherever takes his fancy, presently seesawing between Grom'gol and Desolace. Has an annoying tendency to get lost in thought, and fall off cliffs/elevators/anything high
Fears: - Confinement

I believe this is about it
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PostSubject: Re: Harathoi   Harathoi Icon_minitimeSun 03 Feb 2008, 17:29

Sounds good, although remember that High elves don't get adult until they're approximately 60 years old. Smile
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