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 Noolah Jo'kaahn

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PostSubject: Noolah Jo'kaahn   Noolah Jo'kaahn Icon_minitimeMon 28 Jan 2008, 13:04

((Nicked from Ferbian cause there's lotso info ^^))
title: Noolah
lastname: ((Will put in when i remember it))
race: Troll
gender: Female
age: 18 (Just past adulthood)
class: Novice Shaman
place of birth: Orgrimmar
grown up place: Orgrimmar and surrounding lands.
family?: Mother and Father, Not seen them for a long time.
affliation: None?
occupation: Adventurer.

biggest hatred: Her homelands and people.
biggest pleasure: Adventuring in new lands.
greatest fear(s): Trusting people.
where does he go when he needs to be alone: Her childhood "spot" off the coast of Durotar.
allergies or alike: None she knows of.

attitude: She is weary and finds it hard to trust people due to her childhood.
prefered food: Fruits.
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Noolah Jo'kaahn
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