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PostSubject: Ferbian   Ferbian Icon_minitimeSun 27 Jan 2008, 19:02

title: archmage Ferbian
lastname: unknown
race: human but dead
gender: male
age: 38 alive unknown dead.. presumable 38-40
class: archmage of dalaran, short time necromancer, but unable to controle those powers anymore
place of birth: southshore
grown up place: dalaran
location when silvermoon fell: silvermoon
place of death: silvermoon
place of tombstone: unknown even to himself
family?: yes - alive.. daugther and wife
affliation: himself, morador (teaching master)
occupation: archmage of dalaran still loyal to dalaran thou being dead

biggest hatred: used to be blood elves.. scourge now
biggest pleasure: knowledge
greatest fear(s): acknowledge
where does he go when he needs to be alone: dalaran's ruins.. as close as possible to southshore.. or somewhere in eversong woods

allergies or alike: none

attitude: used to be very evil and hatefull.. now he's kind of.. the other way around really

prefered food: homemade food
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