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PostSubject: Kalito   Kalito Icon_minitimeFri 25 Jan 2008, 04:23

During the battle between Thrall with his Horde, Sen'jin, the Darkspear Trolls and the Murlocs on Darkspear Isles, Kalito was fighting the remaining humans who had made settlement there.
As he was rather young he couldn't fight them with the Horde but helped finish them off.
His father, Bar'ko was inside the Murloc caves fighting with the Horde but he fell in battle.
His mother, Cin'zo was in their home village at that time.
After the battle Thrall told the tribe he'd take them to Kalimdor, Kalito, who was quite an explorer, decided that he would go with them on the first ship that sailed. His parents agreed but they would take the journey a year later.
After reaching the Troll's new home of Durotar, Kalito felt he had the whole world ready for him to explore and was urgent to start, so he joined Thrall's orcs in building settlements around Durotar and The Barrens.
He fought in some minor battles until the Third War ended when he got a chance to travel to the Eastern Kingdoms.
He had heard stories of the Undead but had never witnessed them with his own eyes, but when he set foot in the Undercity he was astonished.
He has great respect for the Forsaken for having the will to break from the Lich King's grasp and also have the burden of never-ending 'life'.
With this in mind Kalito tries to help the Forsaken as much as possible and will be fighting with them when they attack Northrend.

cyclops How's this then?
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PostSubject: nice   Kalito Icon_minitimeFri 25 Jan 2008, 10:00

well sens you asked. it was pritty good i prefer more dramatic stories... But it wasent bad i could bring myself to read the whole thing and i liked it.
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