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 Toktar Grandtotem

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PostSubject: Toktar Grandtotem   Toktar Grandtotem Icon_minitimeThu 24 Jan 2008, 19:29

ooc: i recon its time for me to write Toktar's tale


Toktar Grandtotem was abandoned as a little child, and therefore prefers to not talk about his childhood, atleast not the abandoning part and therefore he doesn't remember his biologic parents neither.

anyways, Toktar was found by a group of tauren shamans, whom took care of him and learned him the way of the spirits, and how to controle the spirits powers whenever needed, which would be highly needed for Toktar as he wasn't able to use magical abilities without the grandings of the spirits, which ofcourse could be considered a downside as he'd have to communicate with the spirits each time before entering battles over a long time, but Toktar considered it quite acceptable as he didn't find himself as a violent persona.

After many years together with the shaman Tribe Toktar was granded the name Grandtotem, for his shaman powers controling the totems and spirits throughout them.

Toktar stayed a long time with the tribe after his adultery hit his persona, and he continued to learn from the spirits aswell as the wise shamans, and by that Toktar learned something only very few knew of in this tribe, how to speak the spiritual language, most of the shamans usually used their mind to communicate through the minds powers, kinda like telephatic powers but.. something less than that, but Toktar could communicate with the spirits on a "face to face" kind of state.

After many years Toktar finally decided to leave the tribe, he felt that the tribe had learned him enough and that Toktar had repaid the deeds that the tribe did for him throughout his childhood, therefore Toktar traveled out to the large planes of Mulgore, to help his fellow taurens, to possibly learn more, to find new ways of communicating with new kind of spirits, and to protect mulgore from the invading venture co. and digging dwarves.
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Toktar Grandtotem
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