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 Lother, a Story behind his True name

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PostSubject: Lother, a Story behind his True name   Sat 19 Jan 2008, 16:04

True Name: Melaes’Orom Moonwalker
Alias: Lother, he took it out of his ancestor's name

Not much is known about this individual. He has journeyed around through many areas, seen thousands of people, seen thousands of glorious places but he keeps wondering, as if searching for something. But let’s take things from the beginning of his known history.

The family of the Moonwalkers have long, since the beginning of their family, been protecting the noble family of Windrunners. The founder of the Family is Lothas’Omer Moonwalker. Their family lived at the north-west of Quel’Thalas and have been there since the very destruction of it. They entered the service of the Windrunners’. Their family saw the wealth and power that gathered around the particular family and decided to take advantage of it. That later developed into the Moonwalker family revering the Windrunners. They served them with absolute no questions and protected them with all the must sacrifices while at the same time sustaining their benefits and gains. The head of their family, and Melaes’ father, at the time of the invasion is named Crados Moonwalker; he was one of the lieutenants of Silvermoon Rangers and paid high respect to the Windrunner family, as his father did before him and his grandfather as well. It was during his time that Sylvanas became the Ranger-General of Silvermoon.

This loyal family though, saught for their own interest, they always did. They stayed with the Windrunners because they were powerful. They were trained to acquire power of the Arcane, Holy, even Shadow arts. Everything to get more powerful. The rest information, I would like you to see through the same person’s Journals. He, Lother as his alias is, wrote from the young age of ten. And he still remembers everything he wrote. He is more of a scholar than a warrior. But to find the secret knowledge you need to be powerful.

First Entry in the Journal:
“The sun is high above the tower of Quel’Thalas, I wonder what it’s doing there throwing its rays on the Sunwell, making those beautiful colours. My father told me that it had been decided that I would be trained as a master of the Arcane. I have love for the arts of a mage, but being in the Grand Library of Silvermoon is far more enchanting and glorious. But we do not have enough mages. We needed to be able to destroy our opponents before they reached in the grounds of the Windrunners. Oh, the Windrunners such an enchanting history and such a gallant future that
seemed to await them. I usually stay in the Library searching for portals and unknown realms. This World is so much wider than it seems, I wonder if I will be able to explore it. Or will I always be trapped as the protector for those that can protect themselves?”

The date of this entry shows that the murder of the King of Humans has already been done; it is around forty years after the first entry:
“Father said that the Humans were having trouble. It seemed as their people were starting to change into something monstrous. I, of course, asked eagerly, ‘by demons!?’ Those demons that make my dreams nightmares and those demons that I loved to see killed. I only received a slap and a scolding. Demons should not be mentioned in Silvermoon, such hideous beings will never enter Quel’thalas. That’s what he said. But I heard other whispers, whispers far more dark. The scholars in the Library were saying that the Scourge, the Undead army, was being lead now by Arthas, the Prince of Lordaeron, that Noble Paladin. I remember seeing him once, but his golden hair and bright smile now fades from my memory. How come that Holy man, be corrupted? Was everyone corrupted by power, I have to be careful then, never, never to be overcome by power. I will never let it devour me”

According to the date, this entry is a few days before the scourge entered Quel’thalas:
“Why do they want me to leave? Do they think I cannot fight? I have learned enough to at least blast through some feeble Undead. Why? My brother is staying but he still hasn’t reached maturity. But he is a paladin they say… SO WHAT!? I run off. I was in that tower, the tower that you saw everything from. The fires were burning still far away in the forests of Trisfal. Two people were behind me. They were talking about the daughter of the Windrunners, Sylvanas, the beautiful Sylvanas, with her golden hair and beautiful eyes. I run to her. I looked at her. She was so enchanting, laughing with her friends commanding her armies. Whatever she did she was so marvellous. A sudden realisation hit my young, mind. I loved her. She was my first love you can say, such a ridiculous love. I know that not only she is too old for me but she also is one with much higher status than me. After her will I be able to find another love other than her, I don’t know and I don’t want to care”

The morning before the invasion, and during the invasion:
“I didn’t find the courage to tell her that I loved her, for all these days. And now they sent me away to hide in the lands of the South, where so many harsh things lurked. They didn’t tell me why, I thought that it was because of the Undead attack that I was sure would be coming. I walked through the tunnel and I finally came out where Durnholde Keep laid. It was ransacked, destroyed. A few scattered ghouls here and there, eating or more likely devouring corpses. Damn… I thought everyone knew that the scourge would be attacking. But no, everyone was so confident about the defences in Silvermoon. We were such fools. I cried, I cried knowing that they had no chance. But now my tears have stopped. What do I have to do now? Well, I don’t have to do anything. I will leave and hide. I can survive on my own for a while. At least I think…”

Last entry:
“I remember Silvermoon, I remember all of Quel’Thalas, its beauty, its garniture. And I laugh at their faces; I don’t care anymore about them. That Foolish Kael, going and meddling with traitorous demons with his hunger for power. I spit on him. I will serve Sylvanas, My dear Sylvanas, which I still love so dearly. I have almost reached maturity now; I will serve her and make everyone bow to her. I don’t care if she is undead or anything, I will love her forever”

Those are the last words he wrote and he made them true. Even though his reputation with Silvermoon is high, he still tries to gain the favour of Sylvanas and show her his love. He hates all the former High Elves that have joined Kael’Thas. He spits on them, he despises them. He will do anything to destroy those that take pride in devouring demon energy.

I will start making his current story when I get some more inspiration Razz I hope you like this story
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PostSubject: Re: Lother, a Story behind his True name   Sun 20 Jan 2008, 14:45

Really nice story, Lother!
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PostSubject: Re: Lother, a Story behind his True name   Sun 20 Jan 2008, 18:45

Thanks Agali, I have some secrets hidden between the lines but you will have to figure that on your own Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Lother, a Story behind his True name   

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Lother, a Story behind his True name
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