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PostSubject: Bron Bravehoof   Bron Bravehoof Icon_minitimeSat 19 Jan 2008, 00:01

I don't know where or when was I born although the story of my arrival to Mulgore is sort of a legend in my village. One day, about 20 winters ago, the brave hunters from Wildmane clan found a dead body of a strange, white tauren in the woods of northwestern Barrens. That unknown tauren was protecting a small package which proved to be me, a little boy with the same strange white color of his skin...

I was raised up by the Wildmane clan and I learned everything about the rites of the Earthmother from them. I also shared their love for the Great Hunt and nature itself which led me to follow the path of the druid as i grew up. I learned to live in harmony with the nature, to respect all living beings in the world (except for the hated centaurs).

But, although I found a home among the Wildmanes, my heart could not rest in peace. I always knew I was different and I always knew it is my destiny to go to the world and seek the truth about my past. Who am I? Where did I come from? These are the question that keep me searching in both the Real World and the Emerald Dream. My recent discoveries led me to the conclusion that I am the member of the Winterhoof clan that got lost in the veils of the past. So my duty now is to seek the Winterhoofs, to find out both their history and presence and to help them create their future.
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