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PostSubject: Ishairin   Ishairin Icon_minitimeFri 18 Jan 2008, 16:04

I still remember the night I left Silvermoon. It had just rained a few hours before and the air was full of scent from the trees and mixed with the scent of the flowers. But my departure could not be postponed, actually it was long overdue.
My fatherís word was still lingering in my ears If you leave, you may never walk these halls again and I will purge you
from my memory
. But I didnít care. I should have left long ago. When I left
the house, I felt numb and my feet only moved because of my will. I had just left all behind and embarked on a future I didnít know. But again I didnít care. Now it was my path and only mine. To stay would have made me my fathers slave.

I was raised in a powerful House in Silvermoon, and was the second elder of the children. It was my elder brother who was to lead the house one day when my father passed away. A role he had been trained for since birth. Since I was second, I was to train in the way of the paladin. All of my siblings were assigned a position my father meant would strengthen our house and make it more powerful.

So when I was about seven years I started to train as a paladin and my progress was closely watched by my father who did not take failure well.
I liked it there even though at times, I must confess, that always being surrounded by people, did make me wish for solitude. So I started to wander the woods alone wondering what plans my father had for me when I one day would return to my House. And as the years passed and my skills
improved, I started quietly and unaware of the time to wander my own path. I had made some, I wouldnít call them friends, since I do not give that title and trust easily, people, but I was alone most of the time.

I had lived some years in Orgrimmar and had just returned after one of my journeys when I received my summoning to Silvermoon. I was sitting near some water, just listing to the sound of it and relaxing with a cup of wine, when my view was blocked by a young blood elf.
- Are you Ishairin Naríalanis? His voice was very formal. I just nodded slightly while having a sip of wine. He reached inside his cloak and pulled out a rather formal looking document as he handed me, then he bowed and left me sitting with the document in my hand. I immediately recognized the seal on it. I took a deep breath and opened it. My eyes ran over the words but the meaning of the content was clear. I was to report to Silvermoon within four days. Suddenly the wine didnít taste as good and the day grew darker.

To days later I left for Silvermoon, the atmosphere that lay like a blanket over the city was solemn and there was no trace of fear among the people only the will to survive. I hadnít seen any from my House for years and hoped that it would stay that way. I had sometimes wondered what my father had told them as my reason for leaving but in the end it didnít matter.
I reported for duty upon my arrival and was assigned to the battlements. After a few hours a wave came.

If some of it is incorrect please tell me, and I will adjust. And sometime in the future there might be added some more but untill then - enjoy Smile
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