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 Arkanoth's Background Story

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PostSubject: Arkanoth's Background Story   Arkanoth's Background Story Icon_minitimeMon 14 Jan 2008, 01:22

Hey there!

We had a fun meeting today. And since I had to introduce myself there, thought I would post my background story here to give you more information about my character. Yes, I know it's rather long. ^^ Thanks in advance if you read it. .)

The Story of Ravel Densley, commonly known as Arkanoth:

Ravel Densley was born somewhere near Stratholme in Lordaeron under the just, but troubled rule of King Terenas. He spent his youth with his parents, who were common farmers, though his mother was well-read and she kept her historical and scientific books in the family library. The young Ravel read them very often and become curious and eager to learn the ways of magic. He even made attempts to get to learn from the Magi of Dalaran, but he was always rejected. Anyway he grew up to be a spirited and strong-willed young man, who helped his parents with the farm.

One day the parents were gone for some supplies to Stratholme, and Ravel worked on the fresh seedings when destiny came to him. He encountered a group of orcish warriors. The brutes were running from royal forces, they quickly pillaged the Densley farm and caught Ravel, knocked him unconscious and took him to a Horde camp. He woke up in the middle of a quarrel. The grunts were arguing whether to take the boy’s life or to make him a slave. At that moment a warlock named Feir Soulscar came to Ravel and pulled him up from the ground. The grunts backed off as Master Soulscar signed to them with his enormous hands. He asked the young human his name and told him, he sensed the boy’s hunger for magic. He made Ravel his apprentice. Not much choice from Ravel’s part, since the orcs wouldn’t let him go.

From that day on he was a member of a secret clan of warlocks called The True Seekers. He learned their ways and made his first steps on the path to be one of them. As he learned later: the Seekers not only craved power over demons but they studied almost all known alien powers, like Draenei magic and demonic knowledge. One night Master Soulscar called for Ravel and told him things, he never could’ve imagined. The old orc felt the demons would return soon, so he wanted to prepare Ravel for the invasion. He feared his clanmates would madden with power and he needed someone lacking the inner demonic corruption to carry on the primary purpose of the clan: to turn demonic knowledge against the demons themselves.

Months later, however, a closer enemy made a deadly blow on The True Seekers. Forces of humans sneaked into the camp at night and murdered almost all the warlock masters. A battle took place but one by one the orcs fell. Master Soulscar and Ravel escaped and hid from the humans in ancient catacombs. Here came a whole year of study. Ravel learned about shadow and flame, the history of the orcs, humans, elves, demons, Ner’zhul and even undead. Sometimes he felt, he would die gladly just to avoid taking the burden from his old master, but he didn’t have a choice.

Finally master and apprentice saw the light of the sun again just to realize, the invasion of Lordaeron was about to begin. Arthas commanded his undead army against the kingdom and the human forces left on the continent were unable to resist anymore. Suddenly, the recognition struck Ravel, that his parents are in real danger. He abandoned his master and furiously ran off to save his family. Unfortunately he found them slaughtered, his farm plagued. However, there was no time to mourn, a necromancer approached with a vile army of ghouls. He knew that if they found the corpses of his parents, they would turn them into undead abominations. He couldn’t let that happen. He called forth his formidable powers and fought the necromancer. Although he fought well, he couldn’t win the battle. And when the apprentice stood there with all hope lost, the master came to put things right. The brutish orc joined the battle with fiery eyes and managed to crush the ghouls with his bare hands. The necromancer tried to flee but the orc’s scorching demonic powers hit him and he fell. His last words sounded pale as he took his terminal breath: „Your time has gone, orc. We are the true servants of the Legion now…”

Master Soulscar helped Ravel bring the bodies of his parents into the family crypt, where they enchanted the grave with flame so that they wouldn’t be touched ever again.

While he stood there, covered in sorrow and anger, he realized the grieve wounds of his master. The old orc’s body was broken and no healer could save him anymore. His spirit passed away with these words: „Now you realize. Promise me, you will always fight those who seek to undo creation. Seek the knowledge, with true knowledge, you can defeat them.”

Unfortunately, when the vast forces of the Scourge came to turn everything into dust, Ravel Densley still kneeled there, above his master helplessly and was violently slain.

He has awoken recently as a Forsaken undead, taken the name Arkanoth and now he serves the Dark Lady willingly. He stays loyal to the Horde and his master’s teachings forever, however, the diseased shell of a body he now lives in, constantly fills him with hate and lust to destroy all who are responsible for the damage he and his loved ones suffered.
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Arkanoth's Background Story
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