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 Takmari Briony

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Tak's body is stitched together, she's often seen tugging at the stitches to ensure nothing falls off and her head is head together by leather straps that cover her eyes, this doesn't stop her from seeing though. She stands tall, her shoulders straight and never slumped over (despite how the game makes her look!).

Her hair is mangled and full of dirt, moss, grass and the odd thing that you'd rather not make a guess at. She smells of fresh decay as if she has not been long out of the grave (Infact she uses preservatives of herself, though only highly skilled alchemists would have a chance at knowing this). The clothes she wears are often torn and grubby from battle and her experiments, though she keeps a few dresses around that are still clean and in good condition.

Tak lives in Deathholme, if she had a choice she would reside in the crypts of The Sepulcher but that area provides less Scourge to work on than the Ghostlands.

Tak is obviously grouchy about being dead but that doesn't change her loyalties to the Dark Lady, it just means she'd much rather be alive and a member of the Horde, than dead. She can get sensitive about it when someone mentions about her 'situation' and so has devoted her time to understanding what seperates the Foresaken from the Scourge and as to whether there is a way to return her to some form of life.

When not in the presence of one of her demons she becomes physically ill, shaking, brief black outs or vomiting and faiting in worst case. Though she has a special bond with all her demons (she's harsh but fair with them all) she has an even more special bond with her Felguard whom she lavishes with any food he likes.

Takmaris' first loyalties lie with Sylvanas Windrunner,and then with Agali and the Quill, as of yet neither loyalties have conflicted with eachother so there's no problem. Tak is unsure whether she values the unlife given to her by Sylvanas more than the friendship given by the Quill.
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Takmari Briony
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