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 PvP for dummies

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PostSubject: Re: PvP for dummies   Wed 23 Jan 2008, 17:26

Morador wrote:
anyone got some tips vs hunters i have a real problem with them and feel kinda bad about it sens locks are aperently sepuse to own them

Bst thing to do against a hunter is get up close and stay there. As a mage I use frost nova, cone of cold etc, so I'd suggest Curse of Exhaustion. Drop a full stack of dots on them and keep them up. If you're affliction (my favourite), your nightfall procs should be enough, combined with the dots, to take the hunter down. Basically, spam instant abilities, heck, even melee them to death! You could draintank them too I suppose, but above all, get up close and personal with your hunter enemy.
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PostSubject: Re: PvP for dummies   Thu 24 Jan 2008, 15:38

Thanks to our training with Morador, i am learning how to deal with warlocks.
Now a frost mage would be really good to train with, since i am having much 
trouble with them. Any volunteers?
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PostSubject: Re: PvP for dummies   Thu 24 Jan 2008, 21:01

powerlevel a druid on stormreaver and sure bovinus Wink but here's a hint,shapeshift out FN and slow as much as possible. Also open with the cat stunn attack so the mage will blink out and then switch to bear and charge/bash him. The mage used blink and is prob forced to iceblock. And there you go! mage wasted cooldown Smile
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PostSubject: Re: PvP for dummies   Sat 26 Jan 2008, 17:50

This post is for Luthian. The PvP build for mages is one of two, depending on your style and sneakyness.

this build is for when you just jump around, tossing instants around since you know/are used to not getting a frostbolt of at all. This is the usual icelance/Frostnova spam

This build is for when you are used to sneak around, not being targeted, and pump out frostbolts.

Both of the specs relies partly on the Waterelemental

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PostSubject: Re: PvP for dummies   

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PvP for dummies
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