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Ferbian's living self grew up as a human near Southshore, where he was the son of a unknown person to many, Ferbian himself barely remembers his father as he died when Ferbian was very young.

around the age of 22 Ferbian traveled to Dalaran and after alot of trying, he was accepted as a Adept of the Magical World under training by a strong Mage whom none really knew the name of, neither did Ferbian, but the Mage was mostly known as "Master" anyways.

after many years of training Ferbian grew stronger and stronger in the world of magic, and became a very talented mage, he was quite weak with his ice powers, but a naturetalent with fire, even thou he didn't feel he was quite strong enough, which made Ferbian train even harder.

around the age of 48 Ferbian finally decided he was strong enough to end his training, his master whom now were very old agreed, and Ferbian himself became a member of the Magic Sociaty of Dalaran, to serve and balance the world of magic all across Azeroth.

Ferbian served the ranks of the Alliance the year where Silvermoon city was overrun by the Scourge, and he was sent there to help protecting the city, but even thou his powers were great, he was quite quickly striked down and killed.

death story:

after quite some years Ferbian now find himself in the area of Tirisfal Glade, a member of the Quill, still quite the same age as when he left the living world, but yet now he doesn't serve as a strong mage, but again, an Adept, but not of the good kind of magic, but a Adept of Dark Arts, hoping to become a great necromancer, of great evil and powers yet unknown to his soul, his body, or his controleability

recent happenings:

Ferbian does no longer hate Blood elves because after trying to corrupt them by the way manneroth corrupted the orcs.. he was confronted by morador and redeemed.. he's now serving his previous ways of dalaran.
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