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 Tak's Unofical Rules and Guidlines for RPing with SQ

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PostSubject: Tak's Unofical Rules and Guidlines for RPing with SQ   Tue 11 Sep 2007, 17:34

  • Act in character at all times. This means no “lol” or “I’ve got really bad lag!” in /s or /y. No smilies either please, that’s what we have emotes for. Try to do things that are in character. That means if you’re character is not the type of person to dance and strip in the middle of Ogrimar, don’t do it!
  • Despite how pretty jumping is and how it makes running long distances interesting, people don’t jump all the time in real life, so they shouldn’t in WoW.
  • Don’t make people RP something they feel uncomfortable in doing IC or OOC. So if someone decided they don’t want to RP getting freaky with you, respect that choice.
  • If people decided to do ERP (Erotic Roleplaying) do it in party chat. WoW is a 12+ game and I doubt many parents will be happy with seeing that their child is watching two people ERP!
  • Treat all the guild officers with respect. Be that bowing, saluting, calling them by their title or Lord, Lady, Ma’am etc. Whatever is in character for you to do. If your character does not respect the guild officers then there is no reason for your character to be in the guild.
  • Guild meetings are important events. Show respect not only to the guild officers but to other members. Don’t interrupt people, instead attract attention by raising your hand or something if you wish to speak IC. Those who disrupt meetings will be asked to leave after an initial warning. Without specific exceptions, there are to be no pets out at the meeting. This means mini pets, demons or hunter pets. Though Guardians may need their pet to fulfil their duty which is acceptable.
  • Seekers, remember it is you job to go out and learn things then pass this on to the guild. Be it a short report told at a meeting or an essay posted on the forums. Write about anything that takes your fancy, a race’s history, a location, a specific mob, whatever! It’s all welcome!
  • Guardians, your IC job is to hold the peace at meetings as well as protect the seekers. Don’t just shoo off people who want to watch, we might loose a potential member! But tell them that a meeting is going on and if they disrupt they will be asked to leave. Escort members who are thrown out of the meeting out of the area. Remember to also RP this at parties or even in instances.
  • Remember that not everyone’s character is going to get on and be friends but do not bully someone IC. This will be dealt with IC by one of the officers. I.e. Calling an Undead a sack of bones whenever you see them can be tolerated, but telling them that they are useless, should never have gotten out of the grave etc is bullying and is not acceptable.
  • Don’t use ((brackets)) unless you really have to. Don’t use them to correct a typo such as “I don’t think we should do taht.”, it’s obvious what you mean. Use (( )) when the typo is unreadable or changes the meaning of the sentence. Also, if typos can be correcting in party or raid chat, do so. Only use (( )) when the person you are RPing with isn’t in the same party as you or you are RPing in a large group.
  • Use emotes to describe what your character is doing. But try and use them descriptively. I.e. rather than “X gives Y a bottle of water” try “X rummages around in their bag until they pull out a bottle of water and offer it to Y.” OR rather than “X looks sad” try “X looks to the floor and sighs slowly.” Be creative and fun with your emotes!
  • Have a character history! People’s past is what gives them character. But remember, not everyone is “The one” or “The prodigal some of Thrall”. Even WoW has it’s farmers, craftsman etc.
  • Also think up character traits, does your character hate spiders? Are they addicted to Blood thistle? Things like that.


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Tak's Unofical Rules and Guidlines for RPing with SQ
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