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 rogal gazrath

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PostSubject: rogal gazrath   rogal gazrath Icon_minitimeTue 01 Jan 2008, 19:03

background story:

Rogal was born into the
greatclaw clan, son of a simple, yet partly unexperienced warrior named
tregal gazrath, his mother's name was never known to Rogal as the
mother died shortly after, and his father never liked to talk about
her, atleast not freely.

at the age of 17 Rogal decided to
follow in the footsteps of his father, and sought out a veteran of the
clan, and a experienced teacher of weapons, the old orc accepted the
request for training, and they ventured out in durotar, where Rogal
left behind his clan, father, and childhood.

many years passed,
and Rogal trained eagerly, at the age of 24 the old veteran died, and
left behind Rogal, only partly done with his training, to survive in
the world of kalimdor, but with the hospitality of the villages that he
passed, he managed to get through his training.

at the age of 29
Rogal returned to what once had been his child home, to find nothing
more than a few tents and somewhat 10 orcs of what had once been a
great village of hundreds of orcs, everything was..gone.. annihalated
and burned to the ground, except for these remaining survivors, what
had happend was unknown, what was gonna happend, was clearer than ever,
all that went through Rogal's mind was... revenge.

yet some
years passed, and Rogal had spend years wandering across he realm of
the western azeroth, A.K.A kalimdor, confused, full of hatred, and yet
no hope for reliving what he once had, at the age of 38 Rogal had
wandered kalimdor for 9 years and finally decided to return home, to
durotar, to what once had been his home, but, with a little luck, it
might be again.

8 years have passed and Rogal now finds himself
a part of the sharpened quill, ready for a new adventure, ready for a
great experience, and ready to , with a little hope, finally get his
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rogal gazrath
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