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PostSubject: Tinderstorm   Tinderstorm Icon_minitimeFri 28 Dec 2007, 21:26

The only special thing about Tinderstorm, is that he survived the scourge and the destruction of the Sunwell. 

Krighton Tinderstorm is about 3800 years old, which is not very old in Blood elf years. Before and during the third war, Tinderstorm was a ranger 
in the Quel'thalassian third regiment. They were in charge of defending the outer gates of Quel'thalas.
Alas, death came and killed most of the Blood elves, including all of the family members of Tinderstorm.
Nowdays, he mostly relaxes at the nearest brown bar or inn he can find, where he mostly reflects back 
at the better days. Tinderstorm still holds his sanity and all of the noble manners the Blood elfs are so known for, ever standing ready to enter a upcoming battle.
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