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PostSubject: Malingo Windspell   Malingo Windspell Icon_minitimeTue 11 Sep 2007, 15:38

Scrypt casually stood over two broken and burnt human corpses, a combination of a hefty mace and semi-powerful fire spells had taken care of the two members of the Alliance swiftly.

“Well that was easy!” Malingo laughed.

Scrypt turned to face his friend who had just strolled over “They were both pathetic warriors!” Scyrpt grinned at Malingo.

“That and we’re just so good together baby!” Said Malingo is his girlish, flirty voice.

Scrypt frowned; he was never to sure as to what his friends’ intentions were when he spoke like that, “Whatever you say.”

“Don’t be like that darling!” Malingo said chuckling.

Scrypt looked around the landscape, hoping to find something to change the subject with when he noticed Malingos’ cat, Tabetha. The cat had mounted itself onto the human females’ corpse and snuggled down between her breasts.

“What the heck is that cat of yours doing?”

Malingo looked down to the cat and giggled a little, “She’s taking a break.”

Scrypt frowned “In-between a corpses breasts?”

Malingo shrugged, “She used to belong to a Warlock, what can I say?”

Scrypt tilted his head to the side, “Who? Tak?”

Malingo shock his head in reply “I could tell you, but then I’ll have to kill you!”

“Come on Mal, we’ve known each other for ages now and I know nothing about you other than that you’re a big girl!”

“Awe Scrypties, you really like me!” Malingo squealed like a girl. “Ok, I’ll tell you about myself, though in all honesty it’s really not very interesting!”

The two Blood Elves climbed up on their mounts while Malingo began his very boring tale…

“Like pretty much every other Blood Elf I was raised in Eversong woods by my parents. My dad was a big tough Guard and used to hate the fact I’m gay, my Mum was a tailor. She didn’t mind about my choice really, she was just happy to have someone sew with! I also had a sister, but I’ll talk about that later.

I’m serious when I say nothing interesting happened to me, well at least not before the Scourge came. I had a long term partner, a Warlock called Autrach; he’s the chap that gave me Tabetha.

When the problem with the Scourge cropped up, my little sister jumped at the chance to go off to war. She was an aggressive little thing, sweet too though. Shame she got lost in the war. Oh, I literally mean lost, she didn’t die on the battle field, she wandered off in the wrong direction or something and no one ever saw her again! She was always rubbish with directions.

As for my parents… I had a big argument with my Dad and stormed off to stay with Autrach for a few days to let things cool down. Sadly I never saw my parents again… There was a huge siege on Silvermoon the day I left them and they were both killed by the Scourge. Autrach was killed too.

He sensed them coming to his house before they broke in, so being the big hero he was he locked me in a cupboard and tried to fend them off himself and failed miserably. When the Scourge had been fended off, some city guards found me and let me out, they tried to resurrect Autrach but he was in to many pieces for that to happen.

After that I started training in the ways of magic to help fight off the Scourge, that’s when we met remember? Down in the Dead Scar. Thanks to your courage I finally managed to leave Eversong woods and go out into the world! The main reason is I want to try and find out what happened to my sister, I’ve no interest in seeing the world really.

But yeah, that was it! Boring huh?” Malingo let out a little sob and whipped away the few tears he’d cried when remembering what had happened.

Scrypt smiled at his friend, “Don’t cry you big girl! Look how far you’re come, you’re stronger than that!”

Malingo smiled back, “I hope so!”
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